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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

ETUDE HOUSE - Princess Etoinette Versailles Nails Review

Hi everyone this is Pauline from Pink Diamond Cosmetics :) Hello again and welcome to my second post :)

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Today I want to review the ETUDE HOUSE Princess Etoinette Versaille Nails in Versailles Dress.  

The kit contains 3 nail polishes in  Rococo Pink, Versailles Lavander and Dressy Purple, plus a sticker sheet for the nail tips.   I didn't use the sticker sheet as yet. I am saving it for a special occasion since this kit is limited edition :)  I have been posting a manicure monday on facebook and the first two features where done using these polishes.  Last week I did a nail look using Versailles Lavander and Dressy Purple, and yesterday I did a look using only Rococo Pink.

 The Packaging is really really cute and I just ADORE CUTE :)))

Manicure 1

This is a fresh look which is not too extremely glittery and sparkly but at the same time it is quite edgy.  It is a suitable look for someone who works in an office like me and has to go out on inspections more often thank she should :)

In order to achieve this look, you need to apply two even coats of Versailles Lavander on all nails. Make sure that the first coat dries up completely before applying the second one. When all the nails dry up, apply one coat of Dressy Purple to the ring fingers and leave to dry.

You should apply a basecoat before starting off with the colours and then top everything off with a top coat in order to maximize shine and durability.  I can assure you that these polishes are very durable.  I did my nails on Sunday afternoon and up untill the following Saturday I was still chip free.  Yesterday I had a few chips on my left hand nails which were cause by pens and pencils. I am left handed so my left nails get quite a lot of work ;)  I didn't take photos of the chipped nails, I forgot, so sorry about that. I will make sure to take a few shots next week before I do the next manicure to give you an idea of what to expect out of these Etude nail polishes.

My right hand nails look better than my left :) 

This is the overall look without base and topcoat. They still shine a lot :)

 Close up of the ring finger showing a different colour because Dressy Purple is not just glitters but has a dark Lavander base.

Moving on to Manicure 2 (Yesterday's)

 Rococo Pink

 Tiny gold glitters :)

This look is a simply one which is given a little richness by the very fine gold glitters that make it up. I am putting up a close up of the bottle to show you the shimmer.  I must apologise for the photos because they were taken in a bad light. I was hoping that the sun would come out today so that I could take a few pictures showing off the real tiny shimmer to the nails in sunlight but it was cloudy :( Seems like summer is still a long way off this year.

This look is achieved by simply applying two coats of the Rococo Pink on all nails.  Preferably using a base coat and a top coat.  I didn't have a lot of time to do the full procedure yesterday so I skipped both ;)  I shall be monitoring the chipping closely and will update you on that one too.

 The lighting is not perfect. The overall look is a warm nude Pink with gold shimmers :)

 This offer a better view of the colour :)


These polishes are really good looking. I really love the Rococo pink subtle shimmer and the bold glitters of Dressy Purple which can be used on its own as well without being overwhelming.  All three polishes dry up pretty quick which is really good, especially if you are always on the go like me. They are also very very long lasting! I kept the first manicure for over a week before chips appeared, and that without using a base and top coat! Imagine how long they would stay if applied over at least a base coat!

The only downside to them is that they give off a strong alocoholic smell.  Last week I did not notice it because I was doing my manicure out in the open, but yesterday I did my nails in the kitchen with closed doors and it was a little bit annoying.  It is not annoying enough to stop using the polishes :) It makes them suitable for summery days, where you could step outside in the sun with some cool drink by yourside and relax doing your nails :)

My overall vote for this kit is 9 out of 10. I removed a point for the smell :P I hope ETUDE won't be mad at this little reduction.

On a side note, I am still building up my collection of Korean cosmetics because I have such a huge supply of common drug store makeup accumulated over the years that I am trying to use them up before they won't be fit for anything except the dustbin. So far so good. I still purchase a few things every now and then.  I will soon be posting about the Princess Etoinette Brush set and the Eyeliners of the collection, so stay tuned :)

PS you can purchase ETUDE House products from W2Beauty.com :)

See you soon