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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Lioele perfect Collagen Essence Mask Review

Hi Again! This time I shall be sharing my first Sheet mask review! I finally decided to try out my Lioele perfect Collagen Essence Mask which I had stored away for quite a while. I also tried out Pretty&Cute's free bows that are supposed to hold your hair away from the face :)  The red one works better ;)

This mask forms part of a set of of 5 by Lioele which can all be bought separately or as a set depending on your preference. I had purchased only this one to try the brand out ;)

This particular mask contains marine collagen and should deeply moisturize the skin and provide it with an age resistant.   The formula contains ginko, algae, and mulberry extract. (the pink one in the pic)

Moving on to my views of the product:

The first thing that caught my eye was the packaging.  It has an english translation at the bottom half which is very useful since my korean is still creepy. But the most amazing thing is that it tore off sooo easily at the top that I was surprised!  Usually it is a mess trying to open sachets and stuff.  So 1 point for the efficient packaging.

  • The mask was folded neatly inside and it did not take a super amount of effort to take it out and unfold it.  It was totally soaked with serum but it did not drip anywhere. That's another point in favor of efficient and tidiness. One reason why I hate conventional masks is because you have to get all messy with stuff sticking under your nails and such!

  • The smell is that of some girly flower. I can't exactly put a name to it but if I had to put a colour, that would be some baby pink :) (I like attributing colours to smells... nasty ones range from orange to brown with all shades of green in the middle hehe just like in cartoons) The smell doesn't give off a synthetic feel and is sooo relaxing! I managed to sleep wearing the mask :)

  • The material is a nice soft cottony sheet and the fit is perfect. I do have a few creases here and there but it is impossible to have a perfect fit that will fit all people around the world.

  • The mask states that it deeply moisturizes and provides age resistant to the skin.  I feel my skin to be really moisturized but with regards to age resistance, that doesn't exactly show in one use. It should stay on for 20 to 30 minutes but I left it on for more than 1 hour and a half, util it was completely dry.  All the serum was nearly absorbed by my skin and it only felt slightly sticky.  My nose appeared to shine a little but overall my skin really feels smooth and peachy.

You can see it is super soaked in serum :) Excuse the lighting it is kind of terrible :)


Tidy and Efficient Packaging
Smells really nice
Soaked in serum and no dripping
Moisturizes skin effectively.
Relatively cheap as well

It takes time to completly dry off 


4.5 Pink diamonds, because it is time consuming and I really don't have time on my hands! Other than that I highly reccommend it. It is a nice product to relax and pamper your skin with :) 

Where to buy:

You can get this mask from Pretty&Cute at $2.40 each, plus they stock the full set.  You can get to the store from my link on the side bar :)

I hope you found this review, helpfull. I will soon be trying some masks from Etude House and will let you know what I think about those too :)  In the meantime, don't forget to follow me with bloglovin and leave your feedback in the comments below!

Till next Post,
Bye bye,

Manicure Time Again!

Hello Everyone!!  Sorry for the delay in posting this manicure, I needed to prepare a special one for a special 50 year wedding anniversary :)  Today I will also share with you a mini tutorial on how to apply water decal nail art :)

The product list for this manicure are as follows:
  • Lioele Nail Hardener
  • Born Pretty Holographic Polish in 4 - Pink
  • Born Pretty Holographic Polish in 7 - Silver
  • Nail art water transfers in Pattern g110
All Products are linked in the newly updated Favorite Nail Products Page, which you can access from the tabs above :)

So on to the process:
Step 1 as always consists of preparing the nails with a coat of nail hardener :)
Step 2 apply the first coat of pink polish to nearly all your nails, except the ring fingers which will be done in 
Step 3 after allowing the polishes enough time to dry, apply a second coat 
Step 4 same as above and on to a 3rd coat.
Step 5 apply a top coat with the nail hardener to all the pink nails but leave the silver ones out!

The colours glitter in all the colours of  the prism in strong light or direct sunlight :)

We are almost done :)

Step 6 consists of applying the flower transfer to the ring finger (which I will further explain below)
Step 7 apply a top coat with nail hardener to the silver nails

And the result is:

This shot wasn't taken in the sun so the polishes are not glittering but the flower really stands out :)

Here is a little tutorial on how to apply water decals:

You will need a bowl with some water, a tiny sharp pair of scirrors, a pair of tweezers, a cotton disk, a kitchen towel, a hair drier and finally the decals themselves.

1. Choose the pattern you want and cut it out carefully from your sheet.
2. Remove the plastic film that covers the top of the decal gently. This is easy.
3. Place the decal in the bowl of water, instructions say 20 seconds, I left them a little longer.
4. Dampen up the cotton disk with water from your bowl and put a layer of water on your chosen nail.
5. Pick up the decal from the water and slide it off the back paper. Do this really gently so as not to tear it 
6. Place the decal on your chosen nail being carefull not to allow creases to form.
7. Using the kitchen towel, blot it gently to remove excess water. At this point the decal can move around on
    your nail so be extra careful.
8. Apply 1 coat of top coat and dry it off using the hair drier.  I used the nail hardener for this step and held 
    my hands in front of a fan. It is summer here so I try to avoid heating elements :P

I chose two mirrored flowers since I was putting one on each hand :)

You are now ready to show off your nail art :) To be on the safe side I suggest you apply a second coat of top coat :)

I hope this post was worth the wait and you try out water decals :) I have my favorites featured on the Favorite Nail Products Page if you want to check them out! You can also visit www.BornPrettyStore.com for a vast selection of nail art!  Let me know if this tutorial was helpful in the comments below and don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin :)

Till next post,
Bye Bye

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

BornPrettyStore Haul 1

Hello Everyone!!! I just stopped by to update you on my most recent haul at BornPrettyStore :) I picked up my parcel this afternoon and I couldn't wait to share what I got with you :)

Basically I ordered 3 Holographic polishes, and 4 patterns of embossed nail art stickers, 2 mini sheets of nail art decals, and 1 big sheet of feather nail decals. To my surprise I found a mini sheet full of Hello Kitty decals in the package :)  How cute is that!

Here are some pictures of my new stash :)

This is what I took out of the parcel envelope :) The big wrapped items are in fact the nail polishes wrapped tightly so they won't break :)

Without flash. There are the holographic polishes :)

 With Flash, you can see the shimmers :) they 6ml bottles

This is the whole stash :)

These are Feather water decals :)

There are 4 sheets of embossed nail stickers, 2 in gold and 2 in silver

Gorgeous flowers :)

Silver Stars
These Hello Kitty decals came as a present I guess :)

I can't wait to try them all out :) I will be linking the favorites in my Nails Page which you can find at the top of the blog, just under the banner.  So far I already linked the holographic polishes there. Don't wait too long to get them if you like them as they are currently on sale. If they weren't, they would be too expensive for a 6ml bottle so HURRY!!!!

Mini Store Review:

This was the first time I purchased stuff from BornPrettyStore and I was a little edgy.  I received my items in less than a week and the parcel was registered, something that I really appreciated.  Customer care is good, all my emails were replied to in a reasonable time frame and I really liked the receipt of the extra nail decals pack. I wasn't expecting it as this store is not that kind of store which sends samples and stuff, so I was really pleased.  I have to say that I was positively impressed by the service and that I will be purchasing more stuff off their site.  I do mind that their prices are a little steep but when they do the flash sale, things get really worth it, plus they have a good load of Nail art tools which is great :)

My Store Rating:  4.5 Diamonds (0.5 less due to certain steep prices)

I will post reviews as soon as I try the items out and I will also post a few tutorials on how to apply the nail decals so stay tuned. In the mean time check out BornPrettyStore for your favorite polish :)

Till next post,
saranghae :)

PS:  Happy Birthday to SHINee's Maknae TAEMIN :) 

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Manicure Tuesday :)

Hello everyone!!! Sorry for the delay with this week's manicure... for a change I was over busy ;)

This week's manicure is inspired by my long-time favorite Anime :

Plus I was really excited to try out my new nail polish :)
So first up is Usagi Tsukino (Bunny for the Maltese and Italians) in the First Season of Sailor Moon.  Here she was still a 14 year-old clumsy crybaby :P I will be doing more looks to reflect her transformation from one series to the next untill I reach the Sailor Moon Stars Season. So look forward to that.
Anyway... In this season, Usagi is 14 years old and is not exactly into nails so her nails are a normal short length that 14 year-old students sport.  She probably hasn't got the patience for complex manicures either so as she would rather spend her time shopping or playing video games.  Her favourite colours are pink and white and since she is a lazy and clumsy girl, I believe she woul just make do with clear polish.  To reflect a look that Usagi might sport when she is really into looking cute, I decided to do a manicure using light pink and while going through my stash (which is currently dwindling) I stumbled on the new polish that was sent to my by Alice from  W2Beauty with my SHINee Mini me - ETUDE House Ice Cream Nails in PK001. The Manicure is simple in one colour which also reflects Usagi's careless personality in this series. I didn't want to do anything particularly complicated.

This polish comes in a package that is soooo cute and since we all know that Usagi falls head over heals for cute stuff and adores ice cream, this nail polish is made to measure :)

So here we go with the tutorial:

The products that I used are my all-time favorite Lioele Nail Hardener which you can buy from Pretty&Cute
and the gorgeous Etude House Ice Cream nails in PK001 which as already stated before, was given to me by Alice from W2Beauty who also has it in stock :)

The Manicure is quite simple:

  1. Apply 1 coat of base coat polish - Nail hardener
  2. apply 2 coats of PK001 nail Polish. Make sure that each coat dries perfectly before applying the next or else it will turn out a mess.  Etude's polish dries out pretty quick so it shouldn't be a problem.
  3. Apply 1 coat of top coat - Nail hardener 
The Final Look is shown below:

I chipped a nail so I had to shorten everything.  Quite sad about it but at least it turned out pretty good for this Usagi look :) Tell me what you think in the comments below! Do you think Usagi would actually wear this look?

Mini-Review - Etude House Ice Cream Nails - PK001

Here are my thoughts about the Nail polish:
  • It looks better when applied to the nails than in the bottle. Somehow the colour is that of dirty pink in the container.
  • The packaging is extra cute!
  • The brush is not too wide and not too thin so it makes application easy
  • The consistency is rather liquidy which is good to prevent bubbles and solid bits sticking in the nails
  • Fast drying 
  • It is a little stinky but it doesn't affect me much
  • It needs to be applied in one thick coat for a good finish. Apparently all Etude polishes are like that. The downside here is that you really have to do nothing for some time to allow it to dry completely. The thicker the coat the longer it takes to dry.
The colous is a bright bubblegum pink which is really really sweet. It does remind me of strawberry ice cream as well.

Overall rating:

I rate this polish a 4.5 Pink Diamonds and I reduced that little because I am not fond of thick coats.  I am always on the run and usually do my polish in between things and don't have time to stick around waiting for it to dry so I prefer polishes which can build up in very thin coats. I would buy this product again though cause I love the packaging and the colour and also the final result is just precious :)

A Big THANKS goes to ALICE from W2Beauty for sending over the Nail Polish and inspiring this series of Manicures.  I hope you guys enjoyed reading through this first tutorial (even though it is simple) from the Sailor Moon Series and keep following for more :)

Till next Post,
Pauline :)

Thursday, 11 July 2013

W2Beauty Store Review plus Minime Be My Princess Haul :)

 Hello Everyone!!!!!! Today I am super excited to share with you my First Purchase from www.W2Beauty.com: SHINee's Be My Princess Minime by Etude House!  

I was grumpy all day this morning because one of nails is breaking just above the skin and it is hurting soooo much plus I will have to shorten all my nails to keep them looking good and I hate it. :(  When I got home after work, I saw a huge box in the living room and I stuffed my face in it to find a lot of bubble wrap! It was the SHINee Be My Princess MiniMe perfumes that I had ordered a few days ago from W2Beauty.  I wasn't expecting them today cause they were shipped not too long ago, 4 July if I am not mistaken! It sure was a pleasant surprise!!!!

Ok, so before showing you what I got, I am going to do a small introduction to my now number 1 favourite online store!

Basically W2Beauty is an online store run by Alice which has over 9000 Korean cosmetics products. All major brands like Etude House, Lioele, Misha, Skinfood, TonyMoly, etc are found in this store. When you are browsing through the products, which by the way are categorised really neatly, you don't have to worry about shipping because it is already included in the price, and the prices are really really reasonable!  All you have to do is pay for a tracking number to be on the safe side. If you choose not to do that, Alice will email you right away to double check! She is such a sweety! Wherever you are in the world, no worries, W2Beauty ships worldwide and with this coupon code: 2862205 you get your first $5 free :)  There is also a loyalty scheme up where you can earn coupons with every purchase you make and then you can use them to pay for your future orders. Shipping is superfast and corresponding with Alice is just a pleasure. We have already exchanged around 20 emails hehe :)

It is official! W2Beauty ranks at 1 in my top stores list and I will definitely be buying all my Korean cosmetics from here!

On to my Haul... it came to be a haul thanks to Alice because I only ordered the 5 Perfumes.  Take a look at what I got!

I only ordered the Minimes up there, three of which came wrapped up in cute transparent plastic bags decorated with white hearts, and Minho's had the ETUDE House ribbon around it as well!  I haven't tried the perfumes yet, I won't be using them a lot since they are Limited Edition and created exclusively by SHINee! I am too much of a Shawol to use them up hiihihi especially Taemin's!

I was wondering whether there would be a card or some sort of autographed thing coming with the whole set, and I was a tiny bit disappointed to find nothing.... until.... I found the autographs on the packaging and on the bottles... that is when I was shooting up in the sky with stars in my eyes hihiihi

Have a look at the autographs:

Key :)

Onew :)

Jonghyun :)

Minho :)

Taemin :)
 I will be commenting on their scent when I get to try them out :) But if you are a Shawol, I suggest you hurry and purchase your full set which is currently being sold for $93.40, which means you buy 4 and get the 5th free. Plus if you use the code I posted earlier, you will save a further $5! Don't miss out!

The photo below shows all the goodies Alice sent with my order :) There is even a very sweet hand written card saying thanks from Alice herself... myself being a crafter, I really really love it!

Here is a list of all the products I got which are all ETUDE House:

  • 2 Essential masks in Vitamin E
  • 2 Essential masks in Pearl Extract
  • 1 CC Cream box filled with ETUDE Cotton pads
  • 1 Full size IceCream Nail Polish in PK001
  • 1 Collagen Moistful firming eye Cream sample
  • 1 Collagen Moistful Trial Kit
  • 1 BB Cream Cotton Fit Sample
  • 2 Milk Talk Strawberry Samples
  • 2 Know Your Body Soft Cream Scrub Samples
  • 1 Shea Butter Nutriful Skin Care Kit

If this isn't love, I don't know what is!  I will be trying everything out one by one and post up reviews for all of you to check out but it will take some time as I still have a box full of stuff that I got from other stores that need to be posted :)

I am really thankful for everything especially the fast shipping and good communication with Alice, and I sincerely hope all of you out there check out her store and have a wonderful shopping experience just like me!

Till my next post,
Love you all and thanks for following :) 500 hits already :D

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