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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Lioele perfect Collagen Essence Mask Review

Hi Again! This time I shall be sharing my first Sheet mask review! I finally decided to try out my Lioele perfect Collagen Essence Mask which I had stored away for quite a while. I also tried out Pretty&Cute's free bows that are supposed to hold your hair away from the face :)  The red one works better ;)

This mask forms part of a set of of 5 by Lioele which can all be bought separately or as a set depending on your preference. I had purchased only this one to try the brand out ;)

This particular mask contains marine collagen and should deeply moisturize the skin and provide it with an age resistant.   The formula contains ginko, algae, and mulberry extract. (the pink one in the pic)

Moving on to my views of the product:

The first thing that caught my eye was the packaging.  It has an english translation at the bottom half which is very useful since my korean is still creepy. But the most amazing thing is that it tore off sooo easily at the top that I was surprised!  Usually it is a mess trying to open sachets and stuff.  So 1 point for the efficient packaging.

  • The mask was folded neatly inside and it did not take a super amount of effort to take it out and unfold it.  It was totally soaked with serum but it did not drip anywhere. That's another point in favor of efficient and tidiness. One reason why I hate conventional masks is because you have to get all messy with stuff sticking under your nails and such!

  • The smell is that of some girly flower. I can't exactly put a name to it but if I had to put a colour, that would be some baby pink :) (I like attributing colours to smells... nasty ones range from orange to brown with all shades of green in the middle hehe just like in cartoons) The smell doesn't give off a synthetic feel and is sooo relaxing! I managed to sleep wearing the mask :)

  • The material is a nice soft cottony sheet and the fit is perfect. I do have a few creases here and there but it is impossible to have a perfect fit that will fit all people around the world.

  • The mask states that it deeply moisturizes and provides age resistant to the skin.  I feel my skin to be really moisturized but with regards to age resistance, that doesn't exactly show in one use. It should stay on for 20 to 30 minutes but I left it on for more than 1 hour and a half, util it was completely dry.  All the serum was nearly absorbed by my skin and it only felt slightly sticky.  My nose appeared to shine a little but overall my skin really feels smooth and peachy.

You can see it is super soaked in serum :) Excuse the lighting it is kind of terrible :)


Tidy and Efficient Packaging
Smells really nice
Soaked in serum and no dripping
Moisturizes skin effectively.
Relatively cheap as well

It takes time to completly dry off 


4.5 Pink diamonds, because it is time consuming and I really don't have time on my hands! Other than that I highly reccommend it. It is a nice product to relax and pamper your skin with :) 

Where to buy:

You can get this mask from Pretty&Cute at $2.40 each, plus they stock the full set.  You can get to the store from my link on the side bar :)

I hope you found this review, helpfull. I will soon be trying some masks from Etude House and will let you know what I think about those too :)  In the meantime, don't forget to follow me with bloglovin and leave your feedback in the comments below!

Till next Post,
Bye bye,

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