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Dragon at Dawn Cross stitch Progress

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Manicure Tuesday :)

Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay for the weekly manicure. I was sooo busy yesterday! It was the first half day of the year at work and us girls planned an afternoon at the beach which was fantastic! I had already done my mani and pedi last Sunday in preparation :) I thought I would have time to post it here but I was wrong :) PS The shot up there is the beach in Sliema where I spent yesterday afternoon :)

This week's manicure and pedicure are really really simple! They feature a base and a top coat of my all time favourite Lioele Nail Hardener and the colour is Revlon's 60 seconds in Fuschia.  All nice and simple no nail art or anything.  I chose this colour because it matches perfectly my bikini ;)

Here are a few shots of my nails:

 What do you girls think?!

I found a shot of my bikini as well, obviously the girl in the picture is not me but it was the picture that made me buy it :)

And I matched it with these freshly bought flops :

Do you like the overall look?

Comments are really appreciated :) 

I am so sorry for the short post today but I really should be off putting some work on Taemin so that tomorrow I can show you something better than last week! Do not expect to see Tae finished though, I am soooo far from the end :(

In the mean time a little update which is not related to the above; I have just learned how to set up my keyboard to type in Korean... how good is that... I am learning the language from www.TalktomeinKorean.com which is an amazing website and I have already succeded in learning Level 1 lessons. I still need to practice a lot so I think you are going to see some words in Korean here and there in this blog :)

Till next post darlings :)
언녕히 가소요
Pauline :)