Dragon at Dawn Cross stitch

Dragon at Dawn Cross stitch Progress

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

SHINee Cross Stitch Project Taemin - Week 2

안녕하세요! Here is this week's update on Taemin :)  It is doesn't look like a lot of progress and the picture is still not recognisable, but I did manage to reach the target that I set myself last week, that of finishing 30 consecutive stitches on Row 1 :)

This week's stitches are marked in GREEN :)

Here are the shots:


There is more green than orange, which is good :)  Next week I wish to finish off at least all of Row 1 of Page 1 and maybe start to finish off row 2.

What do you think of my progress?

I am off to put some more love on this cutey! See you soon :)

Next Post is about health and beauty so stay tuned :)

안녕히 가세요 친고 :)
Pauline :)
(that's Bye friends in hangul)