Dragon at Dawn Cross stitch

Dragon at Dawn Cross stitch Progress

Pink Diamond's Online Cross Stitch Exhibition

Dear All, this page is dedicated to all my Cross-Stitch Works that I have done so far and the others that I will finish along the way.  I will be adding an item once a week so keep coming every now and again.  You are very welcome to send in your comments or queries at paulinecamilleri1984@gmail.com  I will be more than happy to be helpful :)  Thanks to everyone for your support and special thanks goes to those people around me who have the patience to keep up with my ever increasing hoard of stuff :)  I feel like a dragon at times, but instead of hoarding jewels, I hoard threads, needles and patterns :)  All the pictures shall be divided under sub-headings according to their theme, and these will come to life gradually.


Mother and Child
This is the first large-scale tapestry that I ever undertook and it came out pretty well. 

Humming Bird


Oriental Lady


Goose Girl


This is a Korean Design :)




Basket of flowers




Day Fairy

Poppy Fairy by Nora Corbett


Spring Queen by Mirabilia

Summer Queen by Mirabilia

Autumn Queen by Mirabilia

Winter Queen by Mirabilia