Dragon at Dawn Cross stitch

Dragon at Dawn Cross stitch Progress

Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Hello everyone! It has been a really long while since I posted here. Time was not wasted though and I finally reached two milestones in life :)  

Firstly I have finalised all I needed so that I can move from the penthouse to a Maisonette with my own private door... no more common parts and having to climb or take a lift to the 4th floor! And I finally have a front porch, even though it consists of a flight of stairs to my front door, I can still have some potted plants on the boundary walls :)  This change means that I shall be over busy packing up everything in time for the eventual Big Move which is due this July in less than 18 weeks! My creative spirit is going to be slowed down quite a bit. In fact I already packed up most of my stitching and crafting resources and left only the cross stitch library available.

Secondly, I managed to finally finish stitching Patches the Cat which is a self-designed cross stitch pattern which I created for my little baby boy. I fine tuned it as I went along and now there is the pattern available for sale in my New Etsy Shop called MinervasTreasures :) I am linking the pattern down below. I really hope that it will be appreciated! You can click on the picture to shop the pattern :)

I have this idea, now that I have produced a very simple cross stitch pattern of a cute Kitty Cat, I was thinking on going around the stitching room and creating stuff that is useful and cute, keeping in mind a newbie who has just decided they wanted to start cross stitching.  With this in mind, here is the first pattern to use and learn how to cross stitch and it is cute enough, not just simple coloured boxes!

So I thought of changing the blog's name to Minervas Treasures to match up with my store and I will be posting blogs on how to set things up in your crafty room :) Stay tuned for the first post later on today :)


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