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Monday, 24 February 2014

Hair Bands for Spring :)

Hey Everyone, it's been a looooong while!! I really missed posting but errands don't leave me much time to be here and share stuff with you! Today I made it a point to drop by and since its just the last three weeks to the big day, I decided to relax a bit and share some very cute hair accessories that are perfect for this coming spring :) This will be a really short post but you find it useful :)

So here are my favorite hair bands that I am dieing to buy for myself. They are all super cute and perfectly suited for this coming spring.  I am attaching all the links to make it easy for you to get to them if you like them as much as I do.  :) All you got to do is just click on the pictures themselves :))

1Pc Stylish Hair Band Faux Pearl Inlaid Rhinestone Bow Design Headband
This one is really cute and sophisticated :)

1Pc Sweety Hair Band Double-circle Rhinestoned Heart Bow Design Headband(Random Pattern)
This one has a very small design but looks good and adds a sparkle to an everyday look!

Hot-sell Shiny Rhinestoned Stars Design Bridal Tiara Bridal Headband
This one is ideal of a night out with those cute stars

1Pc Simple Candy Colored Hair Band Double-Bowknot Design Headband
Simple and cute.. very stylish for the office or school and there are various colours as well!

1 pc Cute Full Diamond Butterfly Hair Bands
This is another show-stopper! I really love that butterfly!

Stylish Rhinestone Hair Band Rose Shaped Hair Band
This is so Princessy, I love it! I could wear it for both the office and the restaurant!

1Pc Delicate Hair Band Rhinestones Bowknot Double-circle Design Headband
This twin hair band is perfect to sparkle for a first date or a dinner :) Very classy and chic!

1 pc Elegant Orchid Petals Hair Bands  Hot Selling
Spring is the flower season, so why not wear some on Sunday Afternoon for a sweet date or maybe coffee with the girls :)

1Pc Graceful Hair Band Shiny Rhinestones Double-layer Design Headband
This is another double hair band. Very cute and simple, perfect to add just a little glitter to the outfit.

1pc Fashion Bling Multilayer Intertwined Gold Metal Chain Hair Band Hair Clasp
This has four rows full of class and is perfect for a stylish girl both at school and at the office or anywhere for that matter... and for any season as well!

Fringe Glitter Sequins Tassels Hair Band Headband
This one is a little unique in a very tasteful manner. I would wear this for anywhere because it is not too over the top!

White Pearl Crystal Bridal Wave  Alice Hair Headband
And last but not least, here comes this gorgeous pearl and crystal ensamble. Perfect for all occasions and spells out cute and classy any time!

I went through all the section of head bands at Born Pretty store and I chose all the cute ones that I would buy and wear. It is quite a long list isn't it!  Well go ahead and check them out! If you already own anyone of them or purchased any, let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear your opinions!

Well that's all for today and hope to come back here really soon!

Till next post,