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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Born Pretty Store Fashion

Hello Everyone! Today I want to share with you a fashion piece that I bought off  Born Pretty Store.  I was looking for a sexy bathrobe and came across this gorgeous geisha and fell in love with it.  I immediately placed an order and after 8 days of waiting (shipping time was only 6 days!) I received it!! I was so excited this morning when Mum phoned to tell me that I had received a parcel! I am still receiving all my post at my mum's partly because I haven't changed my address and partly because she is always home whereas I am going back to work tomorrow and won't be able to collect any incoming parcels!

Back to the geisha :) Well it came packed nicely but it needs to be hung for a while for the creases to go away and with it I found a matching thong which I was not expecting and also a set of Nail Foils that arrived courtesy of the Born Pretty Store Staff.  Here are some pictures of the items I am talking about:

The sash ties around the waist with velclor so you don't need to undo the bow and the thong is hanging there as well. Better pics of myself wearing this sweety will follow in summer so stay tuned!

These came in as a gift from the Born Pretty Store Staff.  I have never usd Nail foils so far so I am excited to try them out. Check out the cute design at the tips :)

I like the colourful swirls!

I forgot to turn around this picture, but is basically meant to show the instructions in english at the back!

(Back to the geisha)
The fabric is of a very good quality silk and it fits perfectly. The smooth and light fabric make it ideal for the hot summer days here in Malta and anywhere else for that matter.  If you haven't gotten yourself a bathrobe for summer and love the oriental designs and fashions, this one might be just for you! I will be posting pictures of myself wearing this beauty as soon as summer comes, and that isn't too far away either.

If you wish to purchase this beauty don't forget to use the code that I have displayed on the side of the blog so that you get it 10% cheaper. (PCLG10) It is already cheap costing only $10.69c but a coupon is always welcome right!

Anyways, I have to be off cooking dinner because the hungry husband will soon be here! 

See you guys soon,