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Monday, 19 May 2014

May Hauls

Hello Everyone! It's been a really long time since my last post! Sorry for that, married life is busy! I wonder how some people manage everything at times... Today I want to share with you all the hauls I did this month. Basically there are 3 different hauls, one consisting of some shoes, another one consisting of Orchids and my last haul from Body Shop.  I also purchased a make-up item that I was in dire need of... well nearly everything that I got I needed badly, except for the plants :)  Please note that this is a very picture heavy post but I hope you guys enjoy having a peak at what I have been up to!

On with the show... first up is the shoe haul. This is not a very extensive haul. I purchased two pairs of shoes that I really needed, one for work as summer is approaching and I needed something comfortable and light and the other one is a pair of evening sandals as I had a wedding and I had everything in my closet except for the right shoes.. Here are the pictures:

these are the two pairs of shoes and Suki sneaking around

I got this rather low heeled peep toe for work

It is rather cute with that bow and matches well with anything

I got this to match with a turqoise and brown dress

this is the detail it has on the front

that is what happens when they stick the nasty price tags on the insoles, they are really difficult to remove!

On to the next purchase.. here are some pictures of a golden brown eye-shadow I got. I was at a pharmacy with my husband when I noticed this new brand and he told me to get something to try it out and with a wedding and a need for a goldish shadow, I picked this one.

Nice packaging caught my eye and it is fairly cheap for only around 2 Euros

Very shimmery... that pat in the middle is my husband's work.. he loved to dip his finger in things

Tried to capture the shimmers in various angles and Suki was really curious about this one.. see the paw there?

Here is the back of the shadow - Chocolate jewelery is a really nice name :)

I think this shot captured the colour best

Next up are my new collection of Orchids. They are Phalaenopsis varieties which I always wished to own and now I finally got the courage to try and keep some :)

This was my first purchase from Lidl. The price tag was cheap at only 10 Euros so I said to myself, let's try it out. She is doing fairly well :)
I got this one from a local nursery called Piscopo Garden Centre for around 15 euros and have owned it for two weeks now. It opened the last bloom on the spike and I just noticed a new secondary flower spike growing :) It means she is fine too :)

This was my last purchase from Piscopo again for about 18 Euros. It is bigger than the other one and has more flowers with two primary spikes and two secondary ones growing from a single spike. I got it yesterday and really hope it trives. She is in dire need of repotting but that will have to wait till the flowers die out.. around 3 more months!

And here is the trio in their nice corner. This shot isn't exactly a perfect one though sorry for the out of focus!

My last haul is one from Body Shop. I ran out of shower gels so I thought of trying some products from their line. I already own the travel size Japanese blossom shower gel and body lotion which I really love.

This is a mint Lip gloss and balm. I asked for mint products for the body but there were none so I settled for the below

Strawberry Shower gel which really smells nice!

Coconut Shower cream smells delicious as well :)

This goes with my other Japanese Cherry Blossom Products... it's the Fragrance Mist

This is another Fragrance mist in English Dawn White Gardenia which smells really nice. They have a range of five different smells from around the world but getting all of them is pretty expensive plus I didn't quite like the jasmine one!

Well I guess that is it for today.. I will post some Suki photos below before saying bye :) She is such an adorable bundle of fur :)

Feeding time.. that is her corner which she loves to trash as you can see 

Looking mischievous

See you next time,
Saranghae :)