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Monday, 21 November 2016

Sunday Gardening

Image result for azalea double pink with white plant
Rhododendoron / Azalea
Hello everyone I hope you had a lovely week and a good weekend. Mine was a good week if you don't take into consideration the terrible rainy days we had and the weekend was fun too. We went shopping at one of the local Greenhouses and I got myself a pink and white flowered Rhododendoron, I have yet to check how to care for her, and I also got a peach amaryllis to add to my collection. I love pink flowers and bulbs. I got myself some planting soil to start planting out some bulbs which I got two weeks ago. 

Image result for narcissus white lion
White lion Narcissus should look like this one and if they all flower it will be a good show cause I got seven bulbs in one pot!
Here are a few pictures of what I got around the garden at the moment, or rather what I am expecting to have growing and flowering next spring. Oh, keep in mind my garden is in fact a bunch of pots and planters strewn around the house in sunny or shady spots depending on the plants. I don't have an actual garden, I am only blessed with huge windy terraces and hardly anything from my favorite plants can stand it out there.

Image result for pink hyacinths
Pink hyacinths should look like this with the only difference that I only got four bulbs.
Image result for peach amaryllis
My peach amaryllis should open up like this one.

So now in total I have planted some pink hyacinths and white lion narcissus. I have still to plant the anemones and the pink ranunculus. 

Image result for anemones flowers
The anemonies should give a show like these here.
In the evenings I was busy working in my craft room to finish off Ryan's Christmas present and I finally did it! It was on Saturday when I worked the last stitch on the star blanket and packed it up with a musical star projector turtle. My Christmas tree is not up yet so I couldn't place the present there yet but I was over the moon with the finish :) The little lion baby grow also made it to my doorstep and I am dying to dress him up :) I will share with you more about the star blanket in another post.
Image result for pink ranunculus
And I am so looking forward to have these show stoppers grow and flower. They are like paper roses!

I hope you found this garden update interesting and you liked the plants I choose and hope to see you soon  with an update on Christmas presents and nice blanket I finished for my little baby :)