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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Nail Polish Haul :)

Hi Ladies, it's been a while since I posted anything except fashion updates from Dresslily. I have been way too busy with the wedding preparations and aftermath to find some time for true blogging. Getting into the married-life routine wasn't easy even with two weeks off from work!  I am still trying to set a schedule for house chores and cooking dinner hehe So far I managed to schedule some recipes for the coming two weeks so that I won't have to bother looking up a recipe every evening and go shopping everyday! That was too much of a waste of time! Well lets move on to today's post. I want to share with you some glitter polishes that I bought while I was having my wedding nails done. I remember last December going over all of Valletta shops in search of a nice glitter polish for the festive season and finding only 1 which I spoke about here.  I totally forgot about my nail technician's salon!  When I was doing my nails for the wedding, well they had to be special right! I was looking around and caught sight of the Golden Rose Collection and to my surprise there were glitters, lots of glitters!  I went over to the rack while my bride's maid was having her nails done and took a real good look.. there were quite a few glitter colours and they weren't exactly on the cheap side at 5.50 Euros each. After some thinking, I decided on the 4 below:

How do you like these four beauties? :) Pink is my natural favorite so there are three shades that have pink, the first one is mixed with silver and purple, the second one is pure fuschia, the thirds is a carnival mix and the last one is a teal mixture of small and hexagon glitters.  Note also the new background which is my new living room! The table in the far back is dedicated to Asia with horses symbolizing the Mongols' ability to use horses, a Budha symbolizing the religion, an orchid which is naturally asian and then there are some shells which are there because I got no better place for them but in a way they symbolize the sea :) The huge door onto the terrace allows for the perfect lighting for photographs even though today its a windy and overcast afternoon and I had to do with the little sun that emerged from behind the clouds!

Here are some more pictures of the polishes to give you a better idea of what they look like :)

So what do you think? Do you like my choices and which should I try first? Comments are warmly welcomed :) Feel free to express yourself, I love to read people's opinions and thoughts :)

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