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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Nail Polish Haul for 2014 :)

Hello Everyone!! I missed you all so much!  I am back to start 2014 with a Nail Polish Haul which took me a week to complete :) I ran around the whole of Valletta to try to get hold of some glitters but I wasn't very successful and I even went through my hometown.. seems like glitters are not exactly hot right now!

Before I move on to showing you what I got, I want to thank everyone for your support and wish you all the best for this coming year.  For me it is going to mean a lot of changes as I am getting married and moving away from Mum's house into my new Penthouse which still misses a few important elements to be complete. I may not be able to be here as often as I like but after the wedding I am sure to find more time for you my lovely friends :) In the mean time let's all work hard to make 2014 better than 2013 for us and for those around us :)

How about we post our New Year Resolutions and see how far we manage to keep them?

Okey so on to my haul!  In total I managed to purchase 5 new polishes ( 1 is a top coat though) in the shades ranging from silver to pink. Here is a pic :

The first three from the left are from Deborah while the last two are from Misslyn. I found an official Deborah shop in Valletta and I must say that I like their cosmetics range, although I wasn't very fond of their nail polish range.  The only glitter polish they had is the one I got up there and the colours were all kind of normal ranging from pinks to reds and some inbetweens. To make up for that, they had a mini range of 5 or 6 (I can't remember the exact number) of Metal Finish polishes and I got myself the silver one.  I already tried out the silver and the glitters for Christmas and I paired them with a blood red polish from my collection but I forgot to take a picture! I was pleasantly surprised by both colours :) I will be doing a manicure using them to show you how they look.  The last two polishes by Misslyn were bought from a drugstore in my hometown and the glitzy one was all I could find with some glitter in it. The pink one I got it because I ran out of my Revlon fuschia :P  I used the glitzy one for New Year and I will soon post a review on it so stay tuned for that.  All the polishes are in the range of €4.50c  - €5.50c each, even the Deborah ones (famous brand as opposed to Misslyn) which is quite average.  Quality should prove to be better that the ones you get for a €1 at the mall.  We shall see :)

Here are some more photos of the polishes.  Forgive the lighting but today is rather cloudy and pictures are coming a bit off!

Top Coat by Deborah Milano - Color PLAY 1

Glitters by Deborah Milano -  ColorPLAY 29

Shine TECH by Deborah Milano in Silver (83)

Pink by Misslyn in Party on 229

Velvet Diamond by Misslyn (47)

So what do you think of these?  Have you every tried any of these brands?  Would love to hear your comments on these cuties :)

I should be getting back to my stitching so this is all for today.. please stay tuned for the first review of the Velvet Diamond polish which I wore for New Year's Eve :) And before I go, I will link a video released by my favorite boys during Christmas :)

Till then,
Saranghae :)

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