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Monday, 13 January 2014

The Saem Bulgarian Complex Sheet Mask - Mini Review :)

Hello Everyone!  How have you been?  I am really really busy right now but I just had to share this review with you as I have been promising it for too long now :)  Today I want to share with you my experience with a sheet mask that I was gifted by W2Beauty a while ago.  It is from The Saem and apparently you cannot purchase it from anywhere as it is some kind of sample or gift. In any case I enjoyed using it a lot and I had the pleasure to try it out while I was on a working trip in Brussels. 

So here is a little description of the Mask Sheet :)

This mask sheet is marked as not being offerred for sale and has the following description on the packaging:
To All the world through Nature and the mind of The Saem. Containing Bulgarian Complex which brings comfort to tired skin. This is a Sheet Mask.
The above is my poor translation. Here is the actual Hangul version:

Maybe someone can provide a better translation as mine is heavily aided by google translate. My Korean is still very very poor :(

Anyway on to my review.. This mask is said to contain a lot of flower extracts mainly Bulgarian Rose, Chamomile, and Calendula extracts and should help perk up tired skin.
My Experience:
I applied this mask when I was in Brussels last October. I was sent there to represent the Authority I work for at the CITES Enforcement Group meeting and had an overnight stay.  I didn't have time to scrub off my skin as should be done because I wasn't at home and was lacking my products. So I applied this after cleaning up the day's makeup.  The mask has a nice fitting with only a few minor kinks that are expectable since it is a one-size-fits-all sheet.  It was soaked in serum as well and I had to be careful not to drip here and there.  The sachet is also extremely easy to open :) I so love how korean brands make their sachets easy to open with two dents, one on each side, as opposed to European single dented sachets (sometimes these are absent!) 

I wore the mask for a little over than an hour and it had dried completely.. the serum wasn't fully absorbed by my skin by then so I gave it a pat and waited a little bit until my face didn't feel tacky before crashing to bed. As opposed to other brands that I tried, this one is absorbed really fast... my skin wasn't prefectly prepared... you should scrub before applying a mask so that the serum absorbs faster but anyway...In the morning my face felt really smooth and elastic, and looked very fresh as well.
Overall the mask did perk up my skin and I felt it relieved and more supple.  If you manage to get hold of this mask, I suggest you wait for Friday night (a relaxed one)  clean your face and scrub it up and relax with this little beauty, especially if you work Monday to Friday like me.  It will revitalize your skin.. and don't forget your beauty sleep.. something I am really lacking on these days :(
I got my The Saem Mask from W2Beauty which she sent me with my last HairCare Haul which you can find here.  You can ask her to drop one in with your next order :)  You can have a look at her store using the link on the side of the blog, she has over 10000 products from where to choose and they are nicely organised by brand :) 


My Verdict is 4 Pink Diamonds, where I reduce 1 because it is not for sale :(  I would love to stash up on this one to perk up after tiring weeks of work :)

I hope you found this review helpful :) As an added bonus today I am going to share with you a selca from my stay in Brussels :)

Till next post,
Saranghae :)