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Monday, 13 January 2014

Nail Haul from BornPrettyStore :)

Hello Everyone :)  I just received the Nail Decorations Haul which I purchased from Born Pretty Store during the December Sales and couldn't wait to share it with you.  This post is a little heavy on pictures so give it some time to load :)

I really love using water decals so I stocked up on enough to see me through Spring :) Here are the items I got and they are linked to the actual sales page to help you guys go directly if you are interested in purchasing them :) All you have to do is click on the pictures :)

This is a set containing a pick up pencil, a glue and a palette, which are needed to apply rhinestones to your nails.  The pencil wasn't sharpened and the glue tip is separate from the actual product so that you can fix it when you actually want to use it.



These are really gorgeous rhinestones in 12 different colours. Actually I found two packets of red ones but they are really pretty and small , only 1.5mm, so they will look extra cute when added to the water decals :)


 These are cute black and white with silver glitter water decals. The patterns include zebra and leopard print!


These are cute half flowers and some are even quarters and should look great for a springy manicure.


This sheet contains  11 sheets of different snow flakes and other Christmas related designs such as snowmen, presents and angels.  I am saving this one for the next Christmas Period.


Here is another sheet featuring 11 black and white designs. I am planning on matching these with gorgeous spring and summer colours to add that extra refined touch to the manicure and make it look graceful :)


This sheet features 4 designs in black and white. I am going to separate them and get even more out of these designs.

Here are more black designs to add that extra sophisticated look to plain nail colours :)


This sheet features 10 gold designs. I am not a super gold fan but I kind of fell in love with these cuties and bought them :)

And this was given to me as a gift by Born Pretty Store Staff and is super cute :) I am sorry that I cannot provide a link for this particular product.

What do you think of my haul? I am so excited to start trying everything out.. too bad I have a badly broken nail which is hurting a real lot.  But it will soon grow to match the others and then I will start working with these beautiful decals :) I am still waiting for another parcel to arrive from BornPrettyStore and it has got some gorgeous nail polishes and a watch in it that I just can't wait to try out. I hope it doesn't take too long to arrive!

Anyways, let me know what you think in the comments below :)

Till next post,
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