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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Weekly Manicure

Hi Everyone!  Weekly Manicure is back and today I want to talk about one of my recent purchases from a local drug store - Golden Rose Jolly Jewels in 119 or as I describe it 'Carnival Glitters'.  I have already posted the whole haul here.

Front side

Back view

I had really high hopes for this polish and was so excited to try it out but it didn't quite turn out the way I wanted it so I won't be giving it a lot of praise!

This polish is very loaded with differently coloured glitters, mainly blue, green gold, pink and purple and they also vary in size. It has a transparent base so it can be layered on other colour polishes which is good. It also shines a real lot when hit by the sun or bright spotlights and I love this property very much! I like sparkly things :) 

You can see it is loaded with different sized glitters in many colours

The downside of it is that you need at least 3 very loaded coats to get good coverage and even then, you won't get glitters stuck next to each other, gaps will still show up. To add insult to injury, it really chips fast!! I wore it for a week but every other day I had to retouch the chipping parts. At least, it doesn't give a hint that it has been retouched. It suffers a lot from pen holding (I write a lot at work) and house chores are not at all helpful, especially doing the dishes! But still I had other polishes that stuck for longer. I don't expect a nail polish to last more than 3 days to be honest, especially if you use your hands a lot like I do, but chipping almost instantly isn't exactly good! At least it should last for a weekend, and my weekend starts on saturday afternoon and lasts on Sunday night, so I don't think that I am expecting much am I!?! Glitter polishes usually stick longer to the nail and are a real headache to remove, I can't say that about this one! It is rather easy to remove as well - maybe this is a pro?

Here are some shots of the polish on my nails:

Pretty glittery and sparkly

Here is how it looks with three loaded coats... too many glitters clammed at the top of the nail!

glitters tent to accumulate at the end of the nails.. you really need to be careful when applying this polish for an even finish

Can you see the chip on the side of the index finger? That was after 2 nights!

I will be trying out the other three polishes that I bought from this range and I hope I get better results, I will keep this one to overlay on other colours for that added spark. I don't reccommend this product if you are purchasing it to use it alone though.

Well I think this is all for today, I am sorry it turned out to be a negative review because I really had high hopes for this one. Better luck with the next glitter colour, hopefully!

Thanks for reading and till next post,

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