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Monday, 28 July 2014

Weekly Manicure!

Everyone! As promised I am back again this week with the weekly manicure. This time I was inspired by Gaya from Inspiring Generation and I wanted to try out her nail polish look but with a little bit more sophistication.  I dug up into my nail polish collections and found a blood red polish. The brand has long vanished from the bottle but I remember I got it from a very cheap store. Infact it performs cheaply too! Anyways, I paired the gold stickers from last week and this time chose the butterfly design.  Keep reading to learn how to create the look and see the finished result :)


So here is how to create the look.  Gaya has blood red nails so it is important to get that colour right.

I applied two coats of my cheap red polish to get good coverage.  This time I cleaned any spill overs before applying the stickers.

Next, choose a nice gold design, I went for the butterfly from the gold lace design sheet from Born Pretty Store (there is a link to the shop on the right hand side)

 The butterflies are the second from right.

I cut the butterflies keeping the spots below the butterfly and my nails managed to fit two butterflies at a time.  Make sure that they all look in the same direction on the same hand. If your left hand nails have the butterflies looking to the right, then your right hand nails should have the butterflies looking to the left, such that they don't look akward when finished. Looks more professional as well.

Finally don't forget to apply one coat of top coat very gently as explained last week as otherwise you will loose the gold in minutes.  I didn't have time to do it because I was hosting a bbq here at home and my hands were drowned in water after everybody left, then it was too late to fix the missing gold. I didn't bother too much because I knew the polish was cheap and bound to chip in less than three days. In fact I managed to keep the looked pulled somewhat together only for the weekend. But it was fun sporting blood red nails and gold butterflies at the bbq. People thought I went to a nail technician and that I spent the weekend doing nothing just like a rich girl :)

Here are some pictures I shot the day after the bbq. You can see the gold leaving the butterfly below.

Not all the butterflies are nice and gold but the overall look is gorgeous and the outlines of the stickers are visible because there is no top coat.

Different lighting show that I didn't completely loose all the gold.

Well I guess that is it for today, don't forget to let me know your thoughts and show me your take on Gaya's nails :) I would love to see how you can make her nails look more 2014 :)  Don't forget that you can purchase your own gold lace sticker sheet from the link below.

10 styles Gold Lace 3D Nail Art Tips Stickers Manicure 223-232

Till next post,

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