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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Weekly Manicure

Today I want to share with you a very summery manicure. It may be a bit out of season, but it can be worn in fall just the same, especially matched with some lively colours, after all it is still early fall right :)  

This manicure uses nail polishes by Etude House, the Ice Cream Nails which I got from W2Beauty and some nail stickers which were sent to me with one of my purchases from Born Pretty Store. I am sorry I can't link the stickers because I could not find the exact ones in the store, but there are tonnes from which you can choose from so it shouldn't be a problem finding the right design.

Here are the nail stickers which I was very pleasantly surprised when they started glowing in the dark when I went to bed :) They are a mix of bows and lacy edgings.

And these are the cute Ice Cream Nail Polishes by Etude House in Pink, Green and Blue.

Basically this look is very easy, all I did was paint my nails in different colours, you can choose which colours to make more nails of as you wish. I decided to have two blues and two pinks on each hand with just one nail in green. The thumb nail is in blue to match the little finger.

I then alternated between bows and lacy edgings as you can see below. The thumb has two white bows just like the little finger, because it is not very visible in the pictures.

To protect the stickers from coming off, I applied a top coat on top of everything and the resulting look is below.

The picture below was taken seven days after applying the manicure and as you can see, the polish is still intact and only one of the bows has lost a tiny piece :) These polishes are really long lasting and the top coat makes miracles when you have add ons :)

 I hope you found this post useful and you try to recreate this style in your own way :) Let me know what you think in the comments below and if you wish to get your hands on the products that I used, just follow the links to the stores on the side bar to the right :)

Till next Tuesday,