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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Etude House Wire Hair Band

Hello Everyone :)  Finally I am back with reviewing, it has been a long time. So busy at work and at home, I am currently preparing for a massive Cross Stitch Exhibition that will take place during the first weekend of December (I will post details soon) and with wedding preparations are getting on me as well :(

Anyways, on to today's topic. Today I want to write a little about an Etude House hair band that I received as a complimentary gift from W2Beauty together with my last hair care haul.  Here are some pictures of this cutie :)

This cutie has Etude House written on every twist along with Ice creams and strawberries, and on top of it all is PINK and comes in the most ADORABLE Packaging :) (This is why I am so in love with Etude House :) they do everything in a cute style!)

There isn't a lot to say about this hairband but as it is my first time trying out anything of the sort, I feel like I should tell you my experience. Apart from being packaged in the cutest ice cream ever (as part of the Ice cream line) this band is rather useful. It stretches out pretty well and doesn't loose its elasticity. On top of that it doesn't leave kinks in my hair, no matter how tight I wind it. it doesn't pull on hair either and I noticed that when I use it, I don't find hairs entangled in it when I take it off.  That's super for me especially right now as I am trying to grow out my hair to a longer length.

So my overall rating for this beautiful hair band is 5 Pink Diamonds :)

I don't think you can buy this item from Etude as on the back of the packaging you can see that they wrote the fact that it is not for sale in english!  Maybe you can ask Alice from W2beauty to send you one with your next order? I am sure that if she has any available, she will be more than happy to send it over!  You can visit Alice's shop on the link on the side bar :)

Thanks a lot for reading and let me know what you think in the comments below :)

Till next post,