Dragon at Dawn Cross stitch

Dragon at Dawn Cross stitch Progress

Monday, 18 November 2013

Life Is Getting Busier :)

Hi everyone, I thought to stop by this morning to say 'Hi' to all of you out there because I was away for too long.  Lately I have slacked on posting reviews and manicures so I thought of telling you why!  I have started stitching my wedding favors and they sure take a lot of time. Here is what I finished so far:

I prepared a length of fabric with 14 key chains and started working on all 14 of them one section at a time, until the sections needed so much colours that the thread wouldn't last me to finish 2 pieces.  You can see that all of them vary in progress. I find this a good system for mass production :)

Here is a close up of a finished piece :) Doesn't she look cute?  Thinking that I have to stitch over a hundred of these makes my head go dizzy!

 Here is a better look on how the progress varies from one to the other :)

These cuties here are the main reason I am not blogging so much and they even took me away from Project Taemin.  I have a number of other appointments related to the wedding that are keeping me away from everything as well.... it is soooo busy lately! Right now I am making the most of some free time before I go get ready to give a presentation to one of the Local Councils.. I had it written out yesterday and I haven't practiced the speech yet :( After that it's off to the hair dresser to get myself perked up for my pre-wedding photoshoot that is supposed to take place tomorrow afternoon, but the weather isn't promising much!

Well time is running out and I have to rush!   Oh and for those who haven't started following Empress Ki... go ahead and indulge, it's a wonderful drama! I am watching it bit by bit, sometimes I only watch 15 minutes of the episode inbetween stitching, but it's worth it!

Till next post,