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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Liebster Award!

Hi Everyone! I shouldn't be here right now.. should be stitching my souvenirs but I just read my mails and found out that I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Misha Lulu and I am so happy and grateful!!!  Thanks a lot dear for the nomination!  Misha is the owner of this blog here and I would be happy if you guys checked it out to support her as well :)

Here are the rules that I need to follow and the questions that were asked together with the answers are listed below.  I will list my nominees below together with the questions that I wish to ask.. so let's go!

Questions asked by Misha :)

1. What is your favorite make-up brand?

I have tried a lot of drugstore make-up brands such as l'Oreal, Maybeline and Revlon, but although these have good products, I found my absolute favorite brand when I discovered South Korean Cosmetics. My top brand is Etude House closely followed by Lioele and Missha!

2. How often do you wear make-up?

I wasn't always an avid make-up wearer. I am always running late in the morning and applying make-up always seemed a waste of time.  Nowadays I wear make-up a little bit more often.  I wear light make-up for work, just a little eyeshadow and mascara or eyeliner... I do more elaborate looks when I am going out or for special occasions.

3. What are your beauty and skincare must haves?

My beauty must haves are a black eyeliner and mascara, and some eyeshadows in blue, brown and pink to match my wardrobe, and nail polishes in all the colours of the rainbow :)  My skincare must haves are a good make-up remover that can double up as a cleanser and a mild scrub.

4. What is your favorite fashion item for this Fall/Winter season?

I love shoes and denim mostly.  The return of high-heeled black boots made me the happiest girl on earth!  A heavy jacket is also a must have for me. This year I am staying away from shops though, as I have to save every penny for the weeding :(

5. What is your favorite color? Do you often use this color on your nails?

My favorite colour is fuscia pink and I do have a selection of pink toned nail polishes. I love nail polishes and am currently rebuilding my collection as the previous one dried up!

6. What country are you from?

I am a Maltese living in Malta, a very small island in the Mediterranean sea. (To my dismay.. I wish I was Korean or Japanese)

7. Do you have a favorite clothing store?

This is difficult to answer. I shop everywhere and am always looking for sparkly and cute stuff and denims.  Lately I discovered www.dresslily.com and am waiting eagerly for the time when I can spend some real cash to test the shop out.

8. Which make-up product would you like to try out?

I would love to try out a good snail cream and test its benefits. I never had the pleasure yet and I heard a lot of good things about it.

9. Lipstick or Lipstain?

I am not a real fan of either of them.  Having to retouch after nearly every drink or meal is annoying, plus I am a light smoker (I need a cigarette when I am driving) so I tend to forget to apply lipstick until I reach where I want to go and by then I forget all about it and go with nude lips.  If I had to chose between the two  I think I would chose lipstick.

10.  Are you into KPop? If so, what are your bias groups and who is your ultimate bias?

I love KPOP! My favorites are SHINee, SNSD (Girls Generation)  and SS501.  My ultimate bias is Kim Hyun Joong closely followed by Taemin.  To be honest, Taemin used to be my number 1 but Hyun Joong is closer to my age bracket and a lot more of a man so he stole the number 1 :) It all happed thanks to Boys before Flowers and Playful Kiss which I miss soooo much :((((

11. If you could travel anywhere (fictional and non-fictional) where would you go?

This is tough.... there are so many fantastic worlds that I would love to visit!  I think first I would go to King's Landing (Game of Thrones) and help Danaerys Targaryen regain her throne and the I would go to Crystal Tokyo (Sailor Moon).  In the real world I would love to turn the clock back by at least 15 years and travel to Seoul to start over there.  (for those who are wondering.. I will be 29 next week)

Ok so after that little drill that opened a window onto the real me.. here are the questions that my nominees have to answer!

Does your favorite colour affect your wardrobe and make-up case or do you allow for other colours to make it to the closet?
What is your favorite way to relax?
Do you have any hobbies apart from make-up, fashion and blogging?
What is your favorite fashion style?
How would your ideal weekend be (assuming money isn't a problem)?
What is your typical day like?
Do you indulge in extensive skin care routines?
What is your favorite make-up brand and why?
Nails or Hair? who gets the most attention?
KPop or Kdrama? Which is your favorite Kdrama?
Who is your bias and would you run away with him/her given the opportunity?

The rules say that I have to nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers but I am afraid I can't make that one.  All the bloggers I follow are already superstars except for the five I am nominating :) 

1. samplehime.blogspot.com -- Sample Hime :)

2. ladyfoxmakeup.blogspot.com  -- Lady Fox :)

3. kittiecosmetics.blogspot.com -- Katy :)

4. geishababy.blogspot.com -- Laura :)

5. beauty-junkie.net -- Bethany :)

I will update the other six as soon as I find some new bloggers :)

Congratulations to all of you who make it to my list :) I hope you guys follow me back on bloglovin or Google + :)

some eye candy... I prefer him with messy long hair.. currently he went to short for my tastes :P

I am going to run back to my stitching couch to finish off some more work as I am still tooo far away from the finish line.. I tend to get distracted by Empress Ki when I am home :P

Till next post,