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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Weekly Manicure

Hi everyone :)  I would like to announce that the weekly manicure shall be published every tuesday so please look forward to it :)  I shall be reviewing part of the BK Nail polishes collection which I recently purchased from Born Pretty Store and will be linking the link in each post. I shall also be sharing with you some other polishes which I bought locally from the new brand She.

Today I want to share with you BK Polish in number 25 which is a beautiful peachy shade of orange.

BK polishes are really easy to use, just two coats are enough for perfect coverage for the dark colours whereas three coats are needed for the lighter ones. They also dry very quick and have a nice scent to them according to their colours when they dry up. The scent also serves as an indicator that the polish is dry :) I still recommend you wait a little while longer after you start smelling the perfume before going back to your normal routine so you don't chip your nails.

Here is how shade 25 looks:

This picture was taken two days after I applied the polish and you can see some fading at the tips.  This can easily be prevented by applying a top coat.  A top coat will cover up the scent that this polish emanates but it will make it last around 7 days and make it shinier :)

This particular colour gives off a nice orange scent when it dries up.  I find this colour perfect for Spring, Summer and Autumn because it is lively but not over the top. You can also add some nail art to give it a more sofisticated look. I shall definitely be using it again with some decorations but for the sake of trying the colour out and sharing it with you, I decided to leave it as is.  I did not apply a top coat because I wanted to test it's longevity and the result is 3 days in perfect condition, following that the polish starts fading at the tips. This may also be due to the fact that I don't use gloves while doing house chores and washing the dishes doesn't help any polish for that matter.

If you like this colour, you can buy yourself one from Born Pretty Store by clicking on the pictre below. It forms part of a set of 18 colours but there is the option to purchase only the colours that you like.

Keep checking out the products as some may be out of stock and may be back in stock without notice. Prices also vary according to any offers that are currently on at the store.  I remember getting my whole set for just $35 which makes each one costing $1.95. Individuals may be more expensive to purchase! 

I hope you found this post helpful :)

Till next Tuesday,