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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Etude House Latest Collections :)

Hi Everyone! Today I wanted to post some pictures of Etude House's latest collections. I know I am a little late with the &Rose collection but the XOXO Minnie Collection has just been released and its limited to Korea! I haven't got anything from the &Rose yet and they already have a new collection out... I am soooo sad... my wishlist has just gotten bigger. Check out below what's on!

&Rose Collection

This collection is meant for Fall 2013 and is inspired by Sleeping Beauty's Briar Rose. This was the name given to Princess Aurora by the Fairies to hide her identity!  Etude House really hit a soft spot with this collection because Sleeping Beauty is one of my favorite Disney Classics :) and this collection went straight in my wishlist!  Here are some more pictures of what makes up this line. Basically there are 3 Eyeliners, a Palette of neutral and rosy eye shadows, two sets of pinkish nail polishes and 8 lip tints in various shades of pink.

The palette is shown in the image above. Here is a swatch kind of image :)



And now off to the latest collection which was launched today in Korea :)  The XOXO Minnie Disney Collection :) This one is sooo pinkish that it also made it to my wish list, especially the nail polishes. Here are some images :)

Those are the pictures I managed to collect. I couldn't find any of the eyeshadows and the mascara but anyways.  I am crazy about this collection as well, except for maybe the eyelashes... I am not into those, mine are long enough and I don't like to experiment with sticking stuff on my lids.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, sorry I don't have much to say about the minnie collection but I will make sure to update you as soon as I learn of some online store that will stock it for international shipping :) I am sincerely hoping that W2Beauty will stock up as she is my favorite seller :)

  Till next post,