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Thursday, 10 October 2013

My Court Fashion :)

Hello Ladies :) Today I want to share with you my court fashion. This is my first time posting a fashion post like this so bear with me if it is not exactly perfect.  The idea for this came to me because when I as at court, I only say people wearing all shades of black, grey and blue (dark) and it seemed like I was at a funeral.  I was the only one wearing colours.

                        My Items

The first item was a turquoise cotton shirt with white stripes that are diagonal on the front, and as an additional accent it has satin cuffs and collar.  Here are some shots:

I paired the shirt with an off-white boot cut jeans with crystal details on all pockets :

To which I added a white canvas belt with a silver buckle :)

To top this off I wore a pair of turquoise pumps with a black line detail :)

So what do you think?

Getting the look

All of these items have been in my wardrobe for ages. Only the shoes is a recent purchase (last year) so it is very difficult to find the same items on sale. However, I still did a little search around my favorite Online shop to see whether I could find something similar for those who love the idea and would like to try it out.  Here is what I found:


The colour is not the same but it is in the blue range. Even the pattern on the front reminds me of my white stripes.  If you like this shirt you can click on the link above. It will take you directly to the product.


It isn't easy to find a boot cut nowadays, they are a little out-dated but if matched well, they still look gorgeous. I am not a fan of this model and the way the trousers are matched to that top, but it's the only image the shop has. The link for this one is above.


I fell in love with these shoes. I couldn't find turquoise and black because most of them were out of stock, but this one fits the scene pretty well. It has both dark and light blue and matches well with the items above.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I gave you some ideas.  All items featured here are from www.dresslily.com which is currently my favorite fashion shop.  There is no remuneration whatsoever for this post, I just love to show things to you and make shopping easier :)  Next time I will snap a photo with me wearing the pieces and maybe add a make-up tutorial because I was too lazy to take a photo :P

Till next post,