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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Findings on eBay!!

Hello again! I hope you are all fine! Today I want to share with you a few cute finds that I found on eBay.  I want to start off with some SHINee merchandise. I guess you all know by now that I support the boys :D and anything SHINee is sure to catch my eye.  For me finding anything about the guys is just priceless because it is close to impossible to get any close to their merchandise here in Malta.  We are half a world away and I bet no one on these islands has ever heard of KPop! (except maybe for my friends who take note of my posts on Facebook and other SHINee stuff I carry around.)

This is for all the SHAWOLS out there :)

My first treasure is a Stainless steel SHINee Bracelet :)

A google search reveals quite a few links from eBay and if oyu have the patience to go through all the results you will find some KPop shops from where to get this bracelet. I am not that patient!  I prefer to check out google images and then check out the pages from where the interesting pictures come up. I found two versions of the SHINee bracelets, basically one is written as SHINee (like the one above) and the other is written as 'Shinee'. I prefere the first one as it is stylized just as the group's name and looks more original.  The one in small letterss gives the impression that it is fan-made, which is perfectly OK, but originals are always originals :) Anyways, I checked quite a few sellers on eBay and finally decided to get my bracelet from fumei2011.  The transaction was supersmooth, I ordered, paid and the bracelet was here in no time. (Oh well, standard shipping time of around 15 days, don't forget I am in Malta!) The condition was perfect and I was soooo hapy with it!!! I still wear it everyday, all the time and it is still in perfect condition.

If you would like your own SHINee bracelet, check out this link and you won't be disappointed :))

Another SHINee treasure that I never leave behind are my earphones :) This is already my second set though as my dog decided to bite through my first pair and obviously they are not dog-resistant!

I bought these on eBay as well from fumei2011 who has other KPop groups available as well. It took them quite some time to reach me because I ordered them just before Chritmas when the postal service is freaking out but I received them in perfect condition :)  Both my pairs came from fumei2011, I like her servive so much and if I ever need a third pair, I know exactly where to look for :) When I find something that works perfectly well, I don't change it very easily and this supplier is just perfect! 

A little review of the earphones:  they are supercute and with the special winder you can be sure that the wires will not tangle and break! Besides it has the SHINee World logo and a diamond ring on it which makes it extra cute :) The speakers are marked L and R because they work differently and the if you interchange them you won't here the music exactly how it is meant to be heard.  I tend to use the R side on it's own when I am at work hehe naughty me :)  The output is amazing, the music is so clear even if my mobile volume is set to full and they plug perfectly in my Samsung galaxy y pro. I am stating this because last time I was at the airport, I forgot my earphones in another handbag and did not have time to go back and fetch them, so I bought another pair from a shop there. They were quite costly and not worth their weight in poop! I had to constantly adjust the jack to listen to the music and even then the connection between mobile and earphones was terrible with continuous tshhhh sounds coming in. If the volume is turned up the music simply distorts itself.. and these earphones are meant to be good stuff according to their brand!

So that is another thumbs up for SHINee merchandise and for fumei2011. Here is the link to buy the earphones:  SHINee :)

Fumei2011 gets my 5 Pink Diamonds Rating :)) 

My last SHINee treasure that I got from eBay as well is my Taemin Make-up Pouch!  I really love this one!  It is waterproof inside out and has an inner zipped pocket where I store my eyeliners :D but the cutest part is that it has Taemin printed on either side and I got to choose the pictures myself :)) How cute is that :))  There are many more items that can be customised and the seller fay's arts and collectibles is so helpful! She would do anything without extra charge for changing the pictures.  Check out her store and let me know what you purchase :) I myself still have a long wishlist of items from her :)

I am currently contemplating getting another pouch with the all the 5 members on it. I have already sent her two pictures from the Fire Promotion and I am linking it here :)

Sale transactions make this store deserver a 5 star rating or better still, 5 Pink Diamonds :) Fast processing and perfect product quality makes fay's arts and collectibles my only go to store for customized items!

One last thing that I want to share with you has nothing to do with SHINee ( I never get tired of typing this name :D) but is equally cute and precious.  I am talking about a Wish Pearly necklace that I got from qingmos (eBay again)

The chain and cage are in 925 S Silver and the pearl is a gorgeous rice shape, but you will only discover it's colout after you fetch it from inside the oyster which you receive along with the necklace.  I was super excited when I received it tht I forgot to make a wish before opening the oyster! You are supposed to make a wish on the pealr that you will find and maybe it will come true... I am not exactly a believer I'm afraid!

Anyways, my oyster was easy to open and I found a beautiful baby pink pearl! Probably the oyster new that I love pink and came to me :D The box says that pink means health but then again I am not a believer of such things, although considering that I found my favourite colour maybe I should believe in these kind of things.........what do you think?

So this item was packed and shipped from China so it took quite some time to reach me here (around 20 days) but it arrived in good condition and the product was just as described so qingmos gets my 5 Pink diamonds rating as well!  

Check out her store and her beautiful jewellery including real jade here :)

I think I said more than enough for today. I wish to thank all of you who take the time to read my posts and support the stores and sellers that I give my 5 Pink Diamonds rating too. Please be aware that there is no personal gain except for the satisfaction of sharing good things with the rest of the world :)

Before leaving, check out the sponsored giveaways by my fellow bloggers - there are links in posts and on the side bar.  Good Luck to all and Thanks for stopping by!! 


(instead of diamonds today it's another SHINee MV )


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