Dragon at Dawn Cross stitch

Dragon at Dawn Cross stitch Progress

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

SHINee Cross stitch Project 1

Hello Chingu :) I am just writing a mini post to share my new adventure in cross stitch :) I stopped stitching for a while after I finished the oriental flowers that I featured in my previous post and couldn't get myself to stitching anything.  I received a pattern of a gorgeous dragon but I don't have the materials to start it and I don't feel like buying them. BUT Today I came across a beautiful photo of my Sun and Stars - Taemin and I couldn't help but download it everywhere, pc, mobile, work desktop... and then it crossed my mind... why not stitching him?  I was looking for a real good photo of him to stitch for an awefully long time and I almost settled on one of his latest Me2Day updates but he is always changing hairstyle and getting cuter so I couldn't decide.  This photo is just perfect :) Here is a mini sneak peak of what it should look like :)

Isn't he just gorgeous :)
I was a bit worried about converting this to cross stitch as my old program is long past its working life and I couldn't find anything online but just a few minutes ago I stumbled on www.pic2pat.com and gave it a try. The result is awesome, a good sized pattern with only 75 different colours and exceptional detail. I downloaded it right away :)

Tomorrow I shall be going on a shopping spree to buy the materials needed as I can't wait to start it off :) 

I will keep you updated with the progress but it will be a slow one as I am over busy and I haven't determined the size of the finished embroidery yet. It should be over 20 inches wide on 18count aida because it is 425 stitches wide and 425 stitches high so it will take quite some time to finish off. 

See you soon Chingu :)