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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Introducing Me :)

This is me without Make up :)

Hello again :)  Today I shall not be doing any reviews or share any interesting finds.  Instead I am going to share myself with you!  Thank goodness I am past the age where I had to introduce myself in round-robbins. That was dreadful, sitting in a circle with all eyes on me waiting, expecting something out of this world and the occasional smirk as soon as I start my little speach!  That used to be embarrassing... that's why I delayed this post so much.

Anyways, I believe that if you want your reader to value your opinions and trust you, they should know you!  It is difficult to trust the unknown.  So here is something about me. I am aweful at speaking about myself so bear with me and ask anything you wish me to clear in the comments below. Somehow, it is easier to answer direct questions.
I am a simple girl, or should I say woman... that would be more age-appropriate since this year I will be turning 29 years old in December.  I live on a very small island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, called Malta. We are not visible on the map, you only get to find the name written somewhere below Sicily.  We are visible on Google Maps if you zoom enough so for all the curious guys and girls out there here is a snapshot of the island :) and if you want to check out my hometown.. look up Birkirkara, it should be easy to find.

General Location of the Islands
Aerial view of the Maltese Islands (I live on the big island)
 Given the location and size of my country it is hard to come by Korean products.  We are closer to Europe and the general idea of the people here is that all good things come from the EU or USA.  Having said that, the maltese love a good bargain and are always on the look out for cheap deals.

I grew up with fairy tales and Japanese anime (Italian dubbed) and I still love them till this day. I still have the drawings we used to do back when me and my best friend were only 13 years old!  Seems so long ago!! It was Sailor Moon at the time :D This love translates itselt into the appreciation of Asian culture and art, where I finally set my sights on Korea, because their culture seems to bridge between traditional Asian and the Westernized culture.  It seems to me that in mixing the two, Koreans managed to keep the values of respect high enough and they value relationships better than us 'westerners'.  I would give almost anything to live in such a culture. The constant race for power in the west is a little frustrating!  Thank goodness internet enables me to connect to the part of the world I love best and thanks to worldwide shipping I can get hold of Korean products as well and bring a part of that country here :)

I love all things cute and sweet and I also love to make things. Eversince I was 13 years old, I concentrated on creating stuff. First I started out drawing anime.. or rather Sailor Moon (back then that was the only thing I could draw real well) and together with my friend, we used to make some really cute pictures.  Then I moved on to learning knitting, crochet, and cross-stitching. Over the years I made quite a good amount of things and pictures.  I will be posting pictures of my creations every now and again :)  I found out that there are cross-stitch kits and patterns created in Korea too so you can imagine how happy I was with the discovery :)  The problem of crafting is space and time.... I am always stashing lots of patterns and materials, thinking that one day I will get to do them but that one day never comes!  Mum litterally hates it and is alway grumbling and arguing that I should finish one project at a time instead of starting off a dozen and finish up none! She may be right but who cares hihihi  Time is always a problem for me as I am always on the run, working from 6:45am till 4pm and then from 8pm till roundabout 11pm I am at my boyfriend's (doing nothing). The little time between 4pm and 8pm is taken up by travelling from work to home, shower, eat and check out the internet, and maybe work on something in my workshop (Mum's living room in actual fact).  That is from Monday to Friday, Saturday is taken up with house chores at my own penthouse and that takes a lot of my time too and Sunday is all day out with boyfriend and doggy :) Sometimes I view it as wasting time but its the only day off I actually have.  At times I start off my manicure for the monday post on Sunday afternoon... now that summer is on the way, that is out of the question as well as I shall be basking in the sun by the sea most Sundays :)  It is surprising how I still manage to find the time to blog here :)

A keychain I made using a Korean pattern :)

I love cosmetics :) It is not a very old love, the oldest love was (and still is) Nail polish, but I have collected enough drugstore cosmetics along the years to last me a lifetime.  Now I discovered Korean brands and I was impressed with how good they reflect their descriptions, as in, if they state that something is long lasting, it really is so. So I am saving my Korean products for special occasions and weekends, and I am trying mu best to used up all the accumulated makeup in week-days (for work). It is no easy task, I only got to finish off most of my nail polishes, I am down to only a handfull and they are mostly pink.  I will get there eventually, much to my mother's happiness and even cosmetics-hoarding turns her into the everlasting nag!  The same old song is 'Don't buy anything else! You have enough and there is no room to store anymore!'

As if that is not enough to keep me busy, I am also a breeder! I started off breeding hamsters when I was a kid and now I am breeding budgerigars. (budgies)  I get some cute colours out of my pairs too.  And I am competing with Daddy who has his own breeding program! To top this off, I also grow roses and have two different plants at my penthouse.

These cuties are some of the baby budgies I got this year :)

Well I think that I covered everything. I told you where I live, what my hobbies are and how I cam to appreciate Korea. I don't think that I left anything out except for maybe a brief description of my job, which would be: I work at the Malta Environment and Planning Authority, as an Environment Protection Officer and I am in charge of ensuring that the laws protecting trees and special areas of concervation are adhered with. I am also in charge of the CITES Convention which regulates trade in endangered animals and plants. In short I protect the environment and all living things :)

OK so Roundup:

28 years old, DOB 8/12/1984
Environment Protection Officer @ MEPA
Loves Pink and Blue, animals and flowers
Breeder - Budgies
Cross-stitcher, knitter and crocheter
Shawol - Mint and locket :)
Blogger (just started)
Loves Cars  - Own a ford focus in aquarius blue, 2006 model.
Favorite makeup : Eye and Nails
Loves high heels and booths
Favorite Clothing: Denim 
Favorite Books: A song of Fire and Ice, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit
TV Shows: Game of Thrones, Relic Hunter, Merlin, Hana Kimi (Korean), Discovery Channel (Egyptology)
Movies: Fast and Furious (all 6), Lord of the Rings (3), Walt Disney Classics, The Mummy trilogy, Scorpion King.

And that is me in a nutshell :)

Thanks for reading and I sincerely hope that this wasn't too boring and you will be coming back to my blog!

See You,