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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Lioele Glittering Jewel Eyeliners Review and Mini Tutorial

Hello everyone, I hope you are all fine and not too bored from my last post :) Today I shall be doing a full review of the Lioele Jewel eyeliners and the Lioele Premium Jewel Eyeliners.  I own the complete set, except for Navy which I gave to my sister. I will borrow it for a swatch :)

These are still in their package, I haven't tried them yet!

The ones I already use

Silver and Gold
These are the Product Descriptions as show on Pretty & Cute :

I bought my set of eyeliners from eBay some time ago, before I started looking for online stores. Sometimes I still find steals on eBay so I still check it out.  The jewels and the premiums come in different packaging which is not exceptionally cute or beautiful but rather practical.  The premium Silver and Gold come in square boxes with gold or silver writing and are very easy to open, whereas the other jewels come packed in a tight plastic cover and backed up with a card showing a model wearing the particular colour. All pencils have a coloured square design at the back end to  make it easy to distinguish between them, and the Matte Black has a darker shade of pink all over to distinguish it from the Deep Black.

left to right: Silver, Gold, Champagne, Marine Blue, Aqua Green, Khaki, Glam Bronze, Brown, Deep Black, Matte Black, Navy.

I swatched the complete set above, see how they stand out nicely on my tanned hand :)  The colours are really pigmented and show up really well when applied.  They are creamy and allow me to do both thin and thick lines without irritating my eyelids. I really love to use these on my top lids and many times I don't wear any eyeshadow.  These colours are perfect for when I am in a hurry! (which is almost always the case) The colour stays on for a really long time. I tried to see how long I can keep them on and the Jewels can stay on for a complete 3 days without smudging or wearing off.  Obviously you have to be careful when removing the rest of your eye-makey as it is easy to remove these liners iwth normal cleansers.  The premiums don't stay on perfectly for so long, but they do a complete 24 hours before drying and cracking up.  I am always careful not to open my eyes immediately after applying the eye liners, otherwise it smudges with the top part of my eyelind (under my brow). So I give it some time to dry (doesn't take long) and as soon as it dries, there is no way to smudge it!


  • The eyeliners perform jus as they are meant to. The light colours are very glittery whereas the Navy and Khaki are a little less.  All of them are waterproof and smudgeproof. 
  • They are very long lasting, with the jewels lasting for a complete 3 days if your are careful with your cleanser, and the premiums lasting 24 hours.
  • Easy application: can be used instead of eye shadows if you are in a hurry or simply love the look.
  • Simple packaging and pencils are marked so you don't need to keep the back cards. Only downside is that the plastic packaging of the Jewels is annoying to remove... at least for me as I am no good at unwrapping things :(
  • Perfect for all types of personalities, whether you are an on-the-go person like me, or prefer more sofisticated looks.

5 pink diamonds for these babies which are a must have in all make-up bags!!!

You can get yours from Pretty & Cute here. This is a USA based shop which offers a loyalty reward scheme as well. Click Offer to view the current specials which change very often and don't forget to check out the deal of the week that is featured on the left hand side bar!  Shipping time to Malta is also very decent, not overnight, but decent :)

Here is a look created using only Lioele Glittering Jewel Eyeliners:

Overall Look using 4 different colours and mascara

This is a pretty simple look that you can achieve in minutes.  First up, you apply Marine Blue to 3 quarters of your top lid (the annotations are a bit small, maybe if you click on the photo it enlarges), then apply Aqua green to the last third. There is no need for blending. I did a thick line and winged it slightly at the edge.  Apply Champagne to the bottom inner corner of the eye and extend it to half your eye, staying just under the lash line.  Apply Matte Black from the centre of your bottom lash line towards the winged edge. Apply a little Matte Black on your waterline as well and extend it a little more towards your corner as in the picture above, such that Champagne will be underlining the Black waterline. Add a little bit of mascara, I used Maybelline New York as that is my current favorite and I ran out of all the others :P... And voilla you are ready to go!  I didn't apply full make-up, no concealer, blush or anything. Not even eyeshadow primer. I prepared this look yesterday evening before I went out and kept it all the way till this morning, did a little retouch to the waterline as that tends to smudge off my eyes and went off to work. Today was one of those days were I had to match the clothes to the eyemakeup instead of the otherway round (this usually happens on Mondays hihihi)

This is how it looked this morning:

Not too bad eh! Only the waterline disappeard a little  but that is normal  after a good night sleep :)

Thanks a lot for checking this review out and I hope it was useful :)

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