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Monday, 3 June 2013

Manicure Monday :)

Hello everyone! I am back with another nail look as promised.

But first I wanted to share with you a healthy tip!  We all know that it is important to drink a lot of water to keep our bodies hydrated inside and out, but we all know how annoying it gets to try to keep up with the 2 litre per day mark.  Somehow when you are concious that you have to do, you just find it boring and annoying.  I am one of those who doesn't reach the 2lt/day mark at all.. In winter I am all teas and coffees and in summer I am more into juices so my water intake is very low. So I figured that the only way to increase my water intake without actually thinking about it, is to start a few habits that will eventually become second nature.  My first step is to remember to always drink a full glass of water before going to bed!  Somehow this one is working... but I am still in the second week hihi so it is a long way off of becoming second nature.

If you are not a water drinker..join me in my quest to increase water intake :)  Give me your tips ladies... staying hydrated has a good effect on our skin and complexion so it is not just good because the doctor says so!!!

Moving on to what you really came here for! - The Manicure

Today I used 3 different polishes:
Blue Nail Polish by Glitz and Glam (a very  old polish!)
Lioele Nail Hardener (instead of base coat)
Wedding Crasher by Sally Hansen (pink glitters)

The sky blue colour has been in my collection for ages and it lost its fluidity so I had to start preparing this manicure yesterday.... You will discover why shortly! The Wedding crasher is quite a recent purchase from a local supermarket but it disappointed me completely because it chips off almost instantly as opposed to what is stated on its label.

On to the how to!  So first up you need to apply a thin coat of base coat. I used the Lioele nail hardener for this step because my nails really need a little boost.  You really need to make sure that the base coat is completely dry as we are going to have quite a number of coats of polish and we don't want them to remain soggy for a long time and dent them.  Once the base is ready, apply the first coat of blue on all your nails, except for the ring fingers as they will have their coat of pink glitters.  Apply as many coats as needed to get an even colour.  In my case, Wedding Crasher needs 3 coats and the blue one took one very thick coat of polish which needed an overnight to completely dry off.  (That's why I started the process yesterday ;))

This will look something like this:

This is quite a bold look and I personally like it a lot.  But I wanted to try out french tipping the rest of the nails in the pink glitters and here is the even bolder result:

 For once my right hand looks better than my left....I do not know why though because in truth I am left handed and tend to mess up when applying the left nails with my right hand.

The idea of the french tipping was to tone down the brightness of the blue and make the look less bolder but somehow I achieved the complete opposite result.  If your nails are shorter than mine, it might look better but to be honest I prefer to stop at step one.  All in all here we have two ideas... bold and bolder :) Please let me know which of the two ideas you like best in the comments below!

Where to buy:  Wedding crasher can be found at any drug store at least around here. I bought mine from a supermarket!  I don't exactly suggest buying this one though, as long as you don't mind the polish chipping after a day or less!

Lioele carry both a base coat and the nail hardener and you can pick up a blue from their line as well. The best suited for this idea is either no 9 - sky or number 36 - Edge blue where 9 is rather light coloured and 36 is more of a nice royal blue which would mix perfectly with a fuscia like for example no 17 - Hot Pink  :)

Pretty and Cute
Click on the link above to purchase these polishes :)

On a different note :)

So today I found out a new giveway posted in one of the blogs I follow and I wanted to share it with you. Here is the banner and link:


Make sure to check it out and support lovely Chermaine Ho in her first give away! Good luck to everyone!!

Cya next time