Dragon at Dawn Cross stitch

Dragon at Dawn Cross stitch Progress

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

SHINee Cross Stitch Project 1 - Week 1 Update :)

Hello Again!!!  This is going to be the first real update on my SHINee Cross Stitch Project - Taemin. I will be replacing the '1' with 'Taemin' as it is more appropriate :)

I have to admit that I did not put a lot of time into it during the past week but I am hoping that with the arrival of the half days I will be able to get more time to stitch :)

Progress so far :)

I am working on Page 1 of a 30-page-pattern, and this has taken me to the bottom left corner.  I decided to start picking colours from Row 1 and move across 6 pages that contain the entire row and see where that takes me. Right now I have 20 consecutive stitches ready on row 1.  The area I am working on has a lot of different colours so it is hard to make significant progress. Working without a needle organiser surely doesn't help as that means I have to thread in a different colour all the time.  I am only using 3 needles and I am trying my best to locate a lot of stitches using the colour on the needle so as to finish the lenght up.  it will get better when I finish off Row 1 as that will create a base to build up on and colours will be more block like as opposed to single stitches here and there.

 This week's worked stitchers are marked in orange and you can see the progress in the photo above. The finished stitches can be counted easy so for those who like to play with numbers here is some technical information, maybe someone will analyse them in some way and come up with some theory ;)

Total pattern is 180200 stitches - 425 stitches high and 424 stitches wide.  In 1 week I stitches a total of 448 which is negligible to say the least. If any mathematician out there works some magic with these numbers, I would be interested in your theories so make sure to post them below !

This coming week I shall be marking the stitches using a different colour so that it will be easier to distinguish between one week and the other's progress, but I won't be counting them again :P  I am thinking that as I move towards the center of Row 1 progress will be a little faster as there are more same coloured blocks and less individual stitches.  I myself am counting my progress by keeping track of how many consecutive stitches I finish from the first row. This week it is 20, hopefully in the coming week I will clear out at least another 30 stitches.

Anyways, I guess I took enough of your time for today so I am off and leaving you with SHINee's - Forever or Never :)

Oh I just discovered that the Music Video for Breaking News has been removed from youtube so the link in my previous post will lead you nowhere  :( sooo sorry :(

Don't forget to follow my blog using Bloglovin', GFC will soon be out for good!


PS I chose a video with lyrics in english so all you guys out there can compare them with the lyrics of Cinema Bizarre who had the original of this song just months before SHINee.  Lyrics are completely different :)

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