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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Manicure Monday - a little late :)

It's Breaking News!

Hello ladies, I am back with this week's manicure. I am soo sorry for missing to post yesterday but I was soooo tight on time I only managed to finish off the basecoat while going about from one errand to the next! I promised to make it up to you with a Mint and Silver Makeup tutorial and a Mini haul :)

Haul :)

One of the reasons I was so tight yesterday was a shopping trip to a refurbished Tal-Lira shop.  This is a local store that stocks almost anything at extremely cheap prices. They often get some make-up steals as well.  So here is what I got myself:

Left to Right: Nail Polish remover, Sanex Deodorant, Gold Body Glitter and Silver Glitter.

These are the ones that are small enough to be photographed. In addition to these I bought a laundry dryer and some pegs to match and 2 cleaning cloths as well.

I ran out of Nail Polish remover and my sister told me that this store had a good sized remover for cheap and that got me out to check the entire shop :) I am running out of my silver glitter eyeliner and when I saw the body glitters I thought I could use it to add it up to my eyemakeup same as I do with the actual eyeliner and the brand is not exactly important for such items. Here is a swatch of the glitters:

The front one is the gold glitter and the one at the back is silver.  They are not so concentrated as they appear in the tube but they are good enough.  The lighting of this picture is terrible, I was trying to capture the glittering effect but it wasn't so successful. Sorry about that!

 Mint and Silver Tutorial :)

So here are the products that I used:

Not all the items are branded but here we go from left to right (sort of):  Lioele Premium Silver eyeliner, Maybeline New York Master Drama in Black, Revlon lip gloss, Maybeline New York One by One Mascara in Black, Green palette eye shadow (Yeseny drugstore makeup), Phard Palette (came with a magazine a long long time ago). (PS You can buy the Lioele Silver Eyeliner from Pretty and Cute. The link is on the right hand side of this page!)

Here are the steps: 
  1. Pick up a light green or mint eyeshadow and fill up all your lid. Don't go above the crease or in the crease.
  2. Pick up a white eyeshadow (I found one in the Phard Palette) and gently apply it to your inner corner and swipe it a litte downwards. Blend the bottom edge with your fingers moving slightly downwords and under your eyes.
  3. Take some of the same white eyeshadow and highlight just under the outer corner of your brow.
  4. Pick up a very light silver or grey eyeshadow (mine was silver grey, almost white, from the Phard palette) and place it in your crease. Don't take it too far up.
  5. Take the Silver Eyeliner (Lioele Premium) and line your upper lash line.  This can be a little thick. Give it a tiny wing but not too much. This look is not supposed to look too over the top.
  6. Line your bottom water line with black eyeliner (Maybeline Master Drama) and then take your eyeliner and line a little under the lash line slowly from your outer corner to under the beggining of the iris. This should darken the outer part of the lash line.
  7. Curl your lashes and apply mascara (Maybeline One by One).  My Mascara is quite blackening but I still prefer to apply two coats to add more contrast with the lighter eyeshadows.
  8. You should have already applied all foundation and concealer and all that. (I am not a fan, On this particular occasion all I had on was Moisturizer). Apply your favorite blusher and finish off with your favorite lip gloss which is not too dark. The emphasis of the look must remain on the eyes :) I used a gloss by Revlon, peach in colour with little glitters in them.
And here is the final look:

Close up of eyelid:

 This is the Revlon I used. I forgot to check out it's number or name.. sorry!
The small glitters can actually be seen in this picture!

I hope you liked this idea and let me know what you think or whether you try it out!

On to the much awaited Manicure.

I wanted to keep it simple this week and I thought of matching it with the look above so I chose a medium colour. I used Daiquiri by Leigh :) The base and topcoat is my all time favorite Nail Hardener by Lioele :) (Lioele Nail Hardener can be bought from Pretty and Cute - Link is on the side bar)

The Daiquiri was designed by Leigh for a Limited Edition collection that was promoted exclusively by Honey Accessories. I used to work with them and bought this colour off as soon as it came out but it wasn't exactly cheap!

So the routine of the manicure is pretty simple: 1 coat of base coat, 2 coats of Daiquiri and 1 coat of Top Coat, and off you go! Here is the final look which matches well with Mint and Silver :)

I took the picture in my yard in order to get some good lighting :)

Well, that was one long post! I hope all of you enjoyed and are not mad at me for the simpleness of the manicure :)

I will say good bye with SHINee - Breaking News :)

See You!
Pauline :)