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Monday, 30 September 2013

A tiny Update :)

Hello everyone! I have been away from the blog for a little while! I was down with fever and didn't feel like trying any new products.  With my nose not working properly I couldn't concentrate on what I was trying out,  and my feeling bored I spent nearly 2 days sleeping :)  I did manage to finish watching Boys Over Flowers though :P   To top things up, I broke two nails. They started breaking off just along the skin so you can imagine the pain.  I just managed to cut off one of them and am waiting for the other one to grow a bit so I can cut it away from the skin.  This stupid incident meant no manicure for this week and probably not even the next. I shall be using a really light colour with no nail art whatsoever so I don't highlight the two short nails!

Now that I recovered I shall be getting back to trying out all my samples and reviewing them here, plus I tried out two products from Silk Scarf by Etude House and I really liked them. So those are in the pipeline as well. Anyways, just so I don't leave you alone wondering where on earth did I end up I want to share with you some footage that I managed to gather last Sunday while running about with the dog at Mizieb, limits of Mellieha.  I had my first encounter with butterflies mating so you can imagine how excited I was.  I filmed them as best I could with my mobile but the resolution is not exactly perfect and uploading them to youtube from the mobile was a disaster. I had to send them as an email atachment! In any case here they are.

The above is an aerial photo taken from Google Maps of il-Mizieb.  The area where I was is also commonly referred to as L-Imbordin.  This is one of the few forested (a lot of pine trees, olives, eucalyptus and acacia trees) areas in Malta.

The butterflies that I encountered are Red Admiral Butterflies. Here are some pictures:

The scientific name of this butterfly is Vanessa atalanta for those who are technical with regards to insects and biology :P

Here are some stills that I captured on the scene :)

The butterfllies could fly from one tree to the next even though they were attached to each other. You can notice the change of the foliage of the trees. They started off in a Eucalyptus tree, then moved on to a pine tree and this last picture is on another Eucalyptus tree with a pine tree in the top most corner.

Here is the only video that I managed to upload to youtube and the resolution is just crap. I am so sorry about that. Apparently part 2 is not a good thing.   You really have to look close at the top part of the video to see the butterflies!

Here are the first blossoms of Autumn/Fall.  We call then Narcis tal-Birkri or Narcis Imwahhar.  The english name would be Late Narcissus and the latin name is Narcissus serotinus.

And these shots feature Brutus the German Pointer:

 You can see some footage of this cute naughty dog here:

This was when he was still a puppy last winter.

And this was his first swim this summer. That's me shouting in the background :P 

 The resolution is so cheap. I am so sorry! These were taken with the mobile. I still have a few more swims to upload from that thing. MMMM we'll see. Maybe I should upgrade mobile hihi :P

And finally this is me :)

Well anyways, that's all for today... stay tuned as reviews are on the way :)

Till next post,

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