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Friday, 13 September 2013

Dermika Ceramidia Night Cream Review

I am back with a Dermika review.  Today I will be talking about the Ceramidia Night Cream that I got as a sample courtesy of The Dermacare Clinic in Hamrun.

I don't think I need to reproduce the ingredient list and the description as it is perfectly visible in the pictures.. so I am moving straight onto the review :)

So the first thing I noticed was the way the sachet is packed. It has two tear offs which make it really easy to open the sample pack neatly.  This is very much appreciated.  Also there is literature in English :)  The other language is probably Polish.. no way of understanding that!  There was quite a good amount of product in the bag, considering it is only a sample, and it lasted me for 2 whole weeks!  I didn't have to use a lot of cream to cover the whole face and that contributes to the longevity of the sample.  This means that if I buy the full products it would last me ages!  The cream is white and slightly on the runny side and has that particular smell of cosmetic creams. I am not exactly fond of the smell though.  The first thing I noticed was that it doesn't absorb fast and at times in the morning I woke up with a slightly tacky feeling. As with the things that it is supposed to do, I didn't notice much difference. My skin doesn't flake and is not dry however I did notice that my expression lines at the corner of my nose and on my forehead were slightly reduced. I also notice that my skin started producing a little oil, something that never happened, probably because it is meant for dry skin and it tried to hydrate mine. I take this as a good sign of its hydrating properties :) One last thing, make sure you clean your face in the morning because the cream leaves you with a shiny face!


I am not going to buy the full product because it is not designed for my type of skin, however I do recommend it for people who have dry skin.  I am not very happy about the smell and its absorbtion rate. On the whole I think that this night cream does its job because I noticed that my expression lines started to diminish and the skin was so hydrated that it started producing a little oil.

For me this night cream gets 3 Pink Diamonds (lessening because of the smell, absorbtion rate and unsiutability for my skin type.)

Where to buy:

If you are Maltese, you can get yours from The Dermacare Clinic at Hamrun, you will find the map on their website here.  If you are not a local, I guess you will have to look it up on the internet, but it's not hard to find as it is a relatively new product on the market.

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