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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Etude House - Milk talk Strawberry - Review

Here is another Etude House review :)  I really adore this brand.. somehow it always leaves a good impression and even though I am really sick... I feel happy writing about it :)  This time I am going to talk about Milk Talk Strawberry.  This is a body wash that smells like strawberries :)

I don't have the full product but I was given a few samples to try out by Alice from W2beauty and so I gave them a go.  I only have one sachet left so I am treasuring it :P

Cute pink packaging with a strawberry on the front.  No english directions I am afraid.. but who needs directions to get a shower :P  The sachet contains 4ml of product and has only one tear-off at the right hand side.


The sachet tore off in a crazy way... nearly always happens with these kind of sachets.  The body wash has a consistency of something between a gel and a hair conditioner and is transparent pink with a very strong strawberry smell, which I really like :)  4 ml where enough to take a nice shower and it completely nullified the feeling of dryness left by the Body scrub which I had used before.  It left my skin feeling really soft and smooth and smelling really nice. I am really contemplating on buying the full product and maybe try out the other scents as well. 

These are the various smells there are.... considering that strawberry has a really strong smell, I will never buy the banana one! I really hate bananas... sorry guys!  But I am dying to try the choco and apple ones :)  There is an option to purchase both the wash and the sponge which is also an interesting addition :)

I will award the full 5 Diamonds to this product because I really fell in love with it :)

Where to buy:

You can get hold on any one of the washes at W2Beauty by clicking on the side banner or here for $11.86. Each bottle contains 200ml of product which is quite worth it, I believe.  There is also a special set where for $19.35c you get 300ml of strawberry body wash and 300ml of strawberry body lotion.  I only found this deal at W2beauty so I have no idea if the other scents are available this way as well.  You can always check with Alice who is extremely helpful and will guide you through all options... I would ask her for the sponge option as well :)


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