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Friday, 27 September 2013

Mwave News!

mnet Nominate the Best Icon of 2013 SIA! 2013.09.25 Mwave Newsletter Vol.41
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[Full episode of MCD]
Get Inspired by BTS, BAP and other Male Idols!
[G-Dragon's MCD Stage]
G-Dragon won his first trophy for his second album!
[ZE:A's MCD Stage]
ZE:A Gets Spooky on 'M COUNTDOWN'
[B.A.P's MCD Stage]
Goodbye stage of B.A.P, we will be waiting for you guys~
[BTS's MCD Stage]
BTS bringing more fantastic dancing on stage!
[DANCING 9 full episode]
Which team would you support until the end?

more videos
[Video Reaction] Block B Boys Wants a Light to Shine on Them in New MV
[Poll] Vote for Mwave's Star of the Week for the First Week of Oct.
[Chuseok Special] Lose the Chuseok Weight With These Male Idols
1 Black G-Dragon
2 Damaged Lady KARA
3 24 Hours Sun Mi
4 Rocking TEEN TOP
5 Bar Bar Bar Crayon Pop
6 Tonight SPICA
7 Attraction BUMKEY
8 Story of someone I know San E
9 Ghost of the Wind ZE:A
10 Gotta Talk to U SeungRi
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