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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Etude House Ice Tumbler Review

Everyone!  Time for reviews again!  Today I shall be reviewing Etude House Ice Tumbler which was launched earlier on this year :)

I fell in love with this tumbler the moment I saw it and when I found it on sale at W2Beauty store I couldn't resist and added it to my cart :) I am so not regretting it!  It has become my everyday essential and I carry it around with me to work and back (I don't leave it behind in the office as it is too cute and it risks being stolen!)  First thing in the morning I fill it up from our dispenser and since it holds an average of a 560 ml or maybe a little less, I make sure to drain it by the time I have to go back home.  This ensures I take at least a half a litre of water everyday in a very cute way :)  On to the product!

So it came in this cute polkadot box, but the literature on its back is all in hangul and it takes a while for me to figure out what is being said... google translate helps a lot since my korean is still terrible!

Basically the writing says that its is a cool beach ice tumbler with removable ribbon.  (this is the literature at the top)  then in the shaded area it says that the literature is displayed by food sanitation, quality manigment and safety control for industrial products.  (according to google)

Then come the specifications :)  the list includes the name of the item, the capacity and material, manufacturing company and address (intuition) 

After that there are 3 sets of instructions which I really didn't bother translate. If anyone goes through that job kindly post :)

All items in the tumbler were separatly packed including the straw  and it was assembled already.  All you have to do is take it out of the box, unwrap it from the plastic bags and give it a rinse... then it is ready to be used.   

Here are some more pics :)

It has Etude's Catch phrase printed all over in fuschia and small silver hearts all around the base :)

This is a really cute polka dot bow in fuschia.  It has a small rubber band that keeps it in the straw and is removable :) I choose to keep it there as it makes the tumbler much cuter :)

Here you can have an idea of the size. See how it fits in my hand!

Even the straw is pink!  


So my opinion on this tumbler is super great. I love the size, the material and it is efficient in keeping the water inside cool for a long time. It doesn't do magic, the water must be cold in the first place.  It has a double lining and there is a silicon band at the top where the cap screws in to prevent leaks both of water and temperature.  Eventually the water warms up but I can safely say that it stays relatively the same for 6.5 hours. :) (that's how long I work in summer). I am a tiny bit disappointed about the literature as usually Etude love to put English directions..not that I need them but well makes the item more global :)  The ribbon is detachable and can be handwashed in cold water if it gets dirty and the whole theme colours are pink, fuschia, white and silver... my favourite colours.  

Totally in love with this new addition to my desk so 5 Pink Diamonds!

Where to buy:

I got mine from W2beauty for $14.43c. If you want your own don't hesitate too long cause it is a limited edition for this Summer by Etude House. Go on and click on the link to W2beauty's store which is at the right hand side banner :)  If you have any questions with regards to the item you can always ask Alice who will be more than happy to help!  Oh and the shop ships worldwide FREE!

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Till Next Post,
Saranghae :)