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Dragon at Dawn Cross stitch Progress

Friday, 23 August 2013

Born Pretty Store Haul :)

Earlier on this week I received a mini haul from Born Pretty Store and I am so excited to share the items with you guys :)  These cuties mean that I will have some cute manicures coming up in the following weeks and some new tutorials as well :)

So here is a picture of what I got:

Lets go through them one by one :)

This little guy is a special nail art polish which I shall be using in conjunction with the items that I am going to show you below, to create cute little manicures in red :)  Seems like I am going through a red-mania lately... it's all due to the village feasts, they all somehow feature red, blue or green in their colours :)

These cuties in pink, which is my super favorite colour, are a stamper and a scraper. Essential parts of the stamping kit... all that is missing at this point is the image plate :) I will be showing you how to use these babies to create super gorgeous nail art in seconds :)

 This is how an image plate looks like.  Both plates have french manicure designs which I can't wait to try out :)

Here is a second one with equally cute designs. Photographing these babies was really hard because they were reflecting myself and the camera all the time hehe :)

This little guy here is a metallic blue striping tape which I cannot wait to try out ;) It is really minute so I think I will need to super-concentrate on being terribly delicate with it :)

All items here are available only at Born Pretty Store :) Direct links will soon be available in the Favourite Nail Products page which you can access from the tabs above :)

And don't forget to use the following coupon to get all your shopping 10% cheaper :)

I will be trying them out and reviewing everything soon so keep an eye :)

Till next post,