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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Review Time :) - Vitamina P Plus by Dermica

Hello Everyone! I am finally back! All overtime at work is done so now I can get back to posting more often and to stitching again :)  Today I want to share with you some new products I started using this month. Mostly they are samples that I want to try out, a new hand cream and my day and eye creams :)

Here are some pictures of the products I want to talk about:

Samples from Dermika, Sunscreen sample and 2 Nivea Masks
Lioele Hand Cream in Blueberry

Dead Sea Premier Day Cream

Dead Sea Premier Eye Cream

My everyday day cream and eye cream are from Dead Sea Premier. I had been convinced to buy them by a salesperson in Valletta and they did come a bit too pricey. I wasn't aware of Korean cosmetics back then, or I would have sent him to take a p!$$ :P  With them I got a facial scrub, a nail buffer and cuticle oil. These were supposed to be free but I am sure that I paid them in full too. The one thing that compensates for their price is that there is quite a lot of product in the tubs and you don't really need to apply a lot either so they will last for quite a while.  In the mean time here is a little description of the two main products:

The Eye Cream:

This ultra-modern formula is suitable for all skin types. It consists of the best anti-aging ingredients: Dead Sea minerals, Liposome Complex, Dunaliella Seaweed, natural Aloe Vera, Oxygen, Vitamins E and A. It moisturizes and hydrates the very delicate skin around the eyes. It helps diminish dryness and fine lines and reduces puffiness. It is a perfect base for make-up. The cream contains UVA and UVB sun filter protection of SPF 17.

(as described on : http://www.premierdeadsea-usa.com/eye-cream)

The Day Cream:

This multi-protective, hypoallergenic day cream, which contains not only a cream but also a mineral bar in the cap, preserves the skin’s natural moisture level. This dermatology-tested cream is perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin. It contains
UVA and UVB sun filter protection (SPF 17).
 (as described on: http://www.premierdeadsea-usa.com)

To be honest, I still haven't tried the blue soap-like bar :)

(I haven't been using the scrub yet, though the nail buffer is good and the cuticle oil was one of my staples a few months ago and helps a lot in preventing dry skin around the nails.. I will be posting photos of these products in another post)

Moving on!...

I was given a pack of samples by a friend of mine who runs a clinic called The Dermacare Clinic, after I went there for routine fascial, which I really enjoyed :) I finally found the time to try two of the samples which I shall be reviewing here:

The first one is a Day/Night Cream by Dermika called Vitamina P Plus.  I used this for a week, applying it in the morning before going to work and in the evening before going out. I noticed that some of my pores that are close to my nose (which I opened up thanks to my continuous blowing my nose due to hay fever) have started to shrink away, which is a pleasant surprise.  Here is what it says on the sachet:

Cream for all skin types, including delicte and sensitive with fragile, superficial capillaries. Soothes reddening and signs of skin irritation, reduces blood vessel peristalsis and erythematous reactions. It has an anti-wrinkle effect, perfectly hydrates and smoothes the skin and makes it firmer. Also recommended for acne rosacea prone skin.

My Opinion:
The first thing that caught my eye were the two tear-aways at each corner. They allow you to open the sachet easily without spilling the product. The cream has a good consistency and is not extremely runny. It can be described as slightly firmer than sun screen lotions, which I like. It does have a tendency to go under the nails though, which is probably due to the fact that I was taking it out of a sachet and not a tub.  It is absorbed by the skin rather fast but it makes my nose shine for a little while.  The end result is nice smooth skin :) I haven't used it enough to confirm anti-wrinkle effects but I did notice that my pores reduced in size and my skin is not dry. The only things that I am not very fond of, is that you need quite a bit of product to cover the whole face and that the cream has a faint smell of sun screen. It is faint but still not my favorite.


Fast absorbtion into the skin
Hydrates and leaves skin really smooth
Good Consistency

Needs a lot of product to cover all face
Smells faintly of sun lotion

Overall:  I would recommend this product though I am not purchasing the full product for myself.  I have still a lot of products to try out and I already have a day cream which cost me an eye :P

The next sample I am currently trying out is the Gold 24 eye cream by Dermica.  I am still using my first sachet and there is a second one as well.  I will be reviewing the product after I finish off the first sample which I must say contains quite a lot of product and even though I am using it twice daily, I think I will manage to do a complete 3 week cycle!  At present I have formed a good impression of this eye cream :)

Another product which I shall be reviewing soon is the Lioele Carry Me Hand Cream in Blueberry! I am using it twice daily and I am really loving it :) Plus I shall also be reviewing the Lioele Deodorant tissues soon as I have already gone through my first pack :)

Soo many reviews to write and look forward too :) I hope to keep up good speed so you won't be waiting for too long.

In the mean time you may want to spend some time reading this gorgeous asian fanfiction:

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I know who I would choose :)

Till Next Post :)