Dragon at Dawn Cross stitch

Dragon at Dawn Cross stitch Progress

Thursday, 8 August 2013


Hello Again Ladies :)

I just received some gorgeous news from Born Pretty Store :) They are giving off a special 10% discount on their merchandise that will last only untill the 14th August 2013 :) 

Check it out on www.bornprettystore.com :)


Study and Entertainment
Fluorescent Light Portable Colors Purse Candy Colors Notepad Colorful Crayon
$0.99 $4.12 $1.99 $4.34 $0.99 $2.51 $0.99 $1.58
Phone Accessories
Earphone Cap Button Sticker Galactic Cover Hard Case Cover
$1.49 $3.74 $1.69 $3.42 $1.39 $2.82 $1.69 $3.70
Fashion Jewelry
Poker Double Ring Couple Rings Lovebirds Bracelet Leather Bracelet
$1.49 $2.49 $5.99 $9.04 $3.39 $4.92 $4.39 $5.74
Hot Nail Decorations
3mm Square Stud 2mm Round Stud 2mm Round Square 3D Nail Stickers
$4.59 $7.59 $4.59 $7.59 $4.59 $7.59 $1.69 $3.07
1. Special offer ends on 08/14/2013.
2. Check our new arrivals and use special 10% off coupon code SONG10.
3. Discount coupon is invalid on special price goods.
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